Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa

This is not a “smart speaker with alexa”; this is an Echo Dot. There’s quite a difference.

These are good, nearly perfect for their purpose.

If you have a 1st or 2nd gen Dot, this 3rd gen Dot now has plenty of loudness. And the sound quality is also greatly improved. Is the sound quality wonderfully musical? No, but it is not hollow and tinny either.

One thing to consider depending on your use case - unlike the first two Dots that could be powered by just about any micro-USB power source, that increased amplifier power apparently requires a more powerful - and proprietary - wall wart, along with a proprietary plug at the Dot.

You’ll have a tough time finding the 3rd gen Echo Dot at a better price than $24.99, new, with Amazon warranty.

The Echo Dot is categorized as a smart speaker. There are many others but this one is in the group.

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If you’re not already attached to the Amazon environment, Google Home is the better way to go. You can get the Nest Mini (Google Home Mini 2nd Gen) for $25.00-$35.00 on eBay. It’s smarter, and by that I mean better at answering questions, and can do nearly everything Alexa can do with the exception of the drop in feature. Personally, I own and use both. Alexa helps me make my grocery list, so I always have it on my app when I go to the store, and it gives me updates on my Amazon orders as well as offering device only discounts. Meanwhile, Google, controls the lights, and thermostat, and answers the really hard questions that Alexa just can’t figure out. How much time has passed between 10:42am and 7:17pm. This is a really good deal, but recently, Audible awarded all of their 6 month subscribers with a $20.00 off coupon on any Alexa device. I bought it at Amazon for $10.00 during their Valentine’s Day special. I received a free Google Home mini when I purchased my Google Pixel 2 XL, and a second one for being a Spotify subscriber.
In summary, it’s a great device, and if you’re an Amazon customer, it’s certainly worth it to own one at this price. Keep an open mind to Google’s Nest as a superior environment manager, and for being smarter. Better deals are hard to find, but can occasionally be found if you know where to look.

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Everybody has a different use case but I completely disagree with that statement.

We ran Alexa and Google in parallel for almost a year. We found we were using Google less and less… and finally unplugged it. (BTW, the Google Home Mini sucks, especially compared to the 3rd gen Dot.)

Our use case is the typical queries but also streaming media, video calling, smart home device & HVAC control, and security. We use Dots, Shows, a TAP, smart plugs and bulbs, an ecobee, and Wyze cams and Wyze security accessories.

Even if the functionality between the two were assumed to be roughly equivalent, we’d go Alexa.

Google’s business model is selling you, your info and your eyeballs.

Amazon’s business model is selling products and media.

Apple’s business model is selling products and media. At least Apple makes a huge stink about privacy issues, in App policing, and even resisting breaking thru privacy attempts by the FBI.


You can’t compare the 3rd generation Dot to the 1st generation mini. I’d stack the 2nd generation nest mini against the Dot 3rd Gen any day. I guess our experiences differ with streaming and home automation, but the fact remains that Amazon’s AI isn’t anywhere near Google’s level.

I’ve used the 2nd gen Google Home Mini - it is minimally updated from the 1st gen Mini.

And yes, I’m well aware Google is more advanced at personal data collection and the selling of that data.

It bothers me not that you’re happy with Google. But that does not mean Alexa isn’t better for others. The initial claim in your initial comment was an over-generalization.