Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart Speaker

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart Speaker

Price has been lowered to $19.99. All customers who purchased at $24.99 will be refunded for the difference. Thank you!

If only there was like, a group of Alexa-Enabled Favorites that this could be a part of, so something unique and cool could go here.

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I have three Echos in my home (two 2nd gen dots and 1st gen Echo Plus). I thought about upgrading my dots but is it worth it? $25 is a great price.

The new echo dots sound so much better. Its worth it in my opinion. In fact, the new echo dots sound better than the regular Echo (1st gen)

New Echo Dots (3rd Gen) are only $5 more new on Amazon. Seems like it’s worth spending the extra $5 to get new instead of used.

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Agreed. We have several 2nd gen Dots and I don’t think we paid more than $20 for any of them. $25 is too much - even for an admittedly much improved-sound 3rd gen - in used condition.

Will wait for them to hit $20-25 new as we approach the holidays later in the year. Or on Prime Day this summer.

If you’re not up to a full complement of Echo devices, then jump. The sound quality/level spec is the only thing we did not like about the 2nd gen Dot. And that is fixed on 3rd gen.

However, the 3rd gen did take a step backard with its proprietary power cable vs. the universal micro-USB cable of the 1st and 2nd gen Dots.

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Seems like there’s the possibility it was a stolen truckload of “brand new, unopened”, Echo Dot, 3rd gens, but googling “ebay echo dot” will bring up an eBay seller at $15.95, shipped free from Pennsylvania.

Seller only has one rating and 77 sold so far.

…Actually there are some even cheaper, but from China. Gotta be scams, but they have the eBay 100% protection on their listings… Sucker “deals”, soon to turn into hellish battling with eBay customer service?

I like the listing for " Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Generation ******Empty Box Only *******" for $10 plus $8 shipping.

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If you’re searching for Alexa devices, the mothership Amazon is selling the 2nd Gen Show (much improved, but still over-priced at MSRP of $229) for $134.99, certified refurb, but with a real 1-year warranty, just like new and unlike Woot’s 90-day warranty for refurbs.

Two dumb questions. 1. Where does it say this is used? 2. What is the new power cord about? I checked Amazon reviews ( $29.95 btw) and see no mention of a new proprietary cable.

  1. The condition is specified up in the corner with the pricing, etc… info: “Condition Used - Good”

  2. You can see in the second photo that shows the connections, there is no micro-USB port for power. And on the mothership product page that same view down in the detailed product photos labels the power port - clearly not micro-USB.


Hey guys! We lowered this price to $19.99. Anyone who purchased it at the original $24.99 price will be refunded for the difference shortly. Thank you!


That’s more like it!

Sold. But still not pleased by that neutered 90-day warranty vs. mothership Amazon’s 1-year warranty for refurbs.

(Admittedly, one of our 2nd gen Dots was a “used” Woot deal and it did look and function like new, but still…)

Thank You!

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