Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart Speaker

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart Speaker

$20 for a used (not certified) 3rd Gen Echo Dot. Impressive value-holding since these could easily be had for $20 when new before the 4th Gen Dot was released.

We actually prefer the 3rd Gen Dot to the odd, poorly packaged globular 4th Gen Dot. And while splitting hairs, the 4th Gen might sound a bit better, but oh that form factor, is a dust hog with that fabric on the top surface just like Google Home Minis. Especially awkward in the larger full size Echo where it takes up more counter space vs all prior Echos and has a larger dust hog surface.

If we were looking for more Dots, I’d certainly consider this deal. We had an issue with a prior Echo Dot from Woot and Woot Customer Service credited our purchase price, no further questions asked, no need to hassle with returning it. That’s the way support should work!


Got mine today… yall sent a white 2nd gen… Nice try but yall need to send me a return label.

Hey! I need a mod to contact me. Yall aren’t answering my emails. You sent the wrong unit … its a 2nd gen puck

Did you even get the auto-reply email? If not, check your spam folder.


Hi there. Woot CS will answer in about 24 hours (longer on the weekends). Their response will go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon Prime email if different/used.

make sure you check spam/junk folders.

If no luck, reach out again and give them another email address to try.