Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020) Smart speaker

So, is there any way for me to get non-blacklisted devices that I paid for?

Not at this time. The Amazon Devices team asked us to stop the sale until they could figure this out. Sorry.

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Sure, but what about the ones I have in my possession already?

Did you let CS know that the most recent ones didn’t work either so they could refund you?

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I did let them know. Gave them all of the numbers. My preference is to get these working, not get a refund.
i’m really confused as to what the ongoing issue is with these, as there is a clear ownership/purchase history. So, it seems all that needs to happen is for Woot and Amazon (same company really) to communicate about the device ids which need to be removed from the disabled list.

You were refunded and emailed a few days ago (1/19).

As I mentioned earlier, it’s the Amazon Device Team that has to research what happened here. We can’t sell any until they give us the clearance - once they’ve figured out the issue.

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So, as I understand, Woot promised something they couldnt deliver, cant or wont do anything to deliver on that promise, wasted hours of my time, and in the end I got nothing I wanted. This is turning into a marriage.

Won’t disagree about the marriage part but we were given the inventory with the understanding it was new. Amazon devices thought they were new. Not sure what you want us to do. We can’t ship what we don’t have.