Echo Input – Bring Alexa to your speaker

Echo Input – Bring Alexa to your speaker

The short-lived Echo Input shouldn’t have made it past the design estimated production cost phase. It never made any sense. Easy to see why Amazon quickly dropped it.

Function-wise the Echo Input is an Echo Dot without the (at least in the 3rd gen Dot, plenty loud, clean sounding) speaker. With a street price even at $15, the Echo Input was only $5-10 less than the street price of the Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot has the same 3.5 mm speaker and Bluetooth output options available if you wish to drive a bigger, nicer speaker.

What is Woot thinking, attempting to collect $25 for an Echo Input? Even Mother Amazon is currently selling the wonderful full function 3rd gen Echo Dot for $30.

As a clearance prouduct this is a $10-15 device at best.

I can see why it made sense for some, as an audio nut I have better speakers at home set up than anything they could fit into a standalone device. I got a first-gen Echo Dot when it was new and have been using it with a high-end set of speakers ever since. I’d happily use one of these instead of the Dot if it came up at a good price.

However, you’re totally right about this price point. This should have been $10-15 new since the start, let alone at closeout discount.

Maybe I’ll pick one of these up used on the secondary market when they get down that far.

So are you disagreeing or agreeing? :wink:

The facts matter - when Mother Amazon was still selling it, its street price was only $5-10 lower than the street price of the full function Echo Dot, 3rd gen. Even to an (increasingly rare and limited market) audiophile (I am one) it made little sense.

Even near entry to mid-market AVR’s now include direct access to streaming services. And many are starting to include Alexa or Google Home, built in.

So that leaves only the very high end separates audiophile market. How many of those folks could care less about integrating Alexa into those systems?