Echo Input – Bring Alexa to your speaker

Echo Input – Bring Alexa to your speaker

I was wondering where these had gone since dropping off Amazon, now I know. I use a couple of these attached to my vintage stereo systems to add streaming capability. Nice and small, nearly invisible. I do find the mics a bit less sensitive than my other Echo devices.

Sound quality through my vintage systems sounds good to me, although there is a $200 version with similar function for picky audiophiles.


I have one of these and I like it. Back when I got mine it felt like Amazon was trying to punish people who chose this option. Time after time I’d fuss and fight with the thing to get it to do something Alexa/Echo boasted as a feature, only to find out that it wasn’t supported on the Input. A big one for me was sending commands to a Fire TV device and that was sorely missing. They quietly fixed this not too long ago, though.

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