Echo Plus (1st Gen) with Built-In Hub

Echo Plus (1st Gen) with Built-In Hub

ugh sold out of white as i was checking out. how many were in stock, like three? fifteen minutes in? boooo

Ebay buyers Woot should be able to stop :raised_hand: this. I’m just wondering why it’s midnight for this new stuff anyway? Wasn’t that OC Woot? This site hasn’t been that for quite a while now :confused:

There are quite a few resellers who purchase from Woot, especially when it comes to electronics.

It’s been complained about NUMEROUS times, but…

As far as the rollover goes, 12 Central makes the most sense.

I’m thinking about starting Alexa in my home

But I don’t know what’s add on and what’s essential

If you won’t guide a 60 yr old nube I guess I’ll stay on the sidelines

This 38 year old nube is equally lost, between the two of us we have 98 years of confusion!!

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It says “international version” does anyone know of it even worked in the US anyway?