Echo Plus (1st Gen) with Built-In Hub

Echo Plus (1st Gen) with Built-In Hub

One of the graphics says “International Version (with US adapter)”. International HOW?
Does Alexa understand accents? British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, where else?
Good price for a hub-equipped device, reduces the number of weird apps you have to load to control lights, etc.

[MOD: these are US versions]

Wow, still selling these new (with Amazon 1-year warranty) first gen Echo Plus models, International version, but “hiding” that it is the International version in one of the product photos. And limit 10… must have a boat load of them.

It is difficult to find a definitive statement from Amazon that when using this model in the US (with the provided US power adapter), it will operate 100% exactly like the “US” model. How difficult would it be for Amazon (or WOOT, on the front page) to say that on the page describing “International” versions?.. if true.

And the Amazon product page: (Did not see a Q&A addressing this)

I’d be curious what folks who have the 1st gen Echo Plus and the 3nd Gen Echo think about the sound quality differences, for streaming music?

From the reviews, it appears the 3rd gen has louder, richer sound. Not unlike the improvement in magnitude going from 2nd gen Echo Dot to 3rd gen Echo Dot, even tho the Dot musical sound quality is nowhere near non-Dot Echos.

Sorry for the confusion - I deleted the “international” image. We did sell these in the past, but no longer have any international units available so that was an old image. The one we’re selling is the US version - here’s the silver Amazon product page for the exact model we’re selling today:

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does anyone know whether having only one of these in a household (or whatever) is enough to enable the zigbee features for all the other linked echoes? or can only this specific one control the zigbee functions? TIA!

Zigbee works with a transmitter and receiver pair, so it can send and receive to/from a lightbulb, for example. That radio-frequency signal has a maximum range (no idea how much, it depends on the ‘stuff’ in the way). If you have a BIG place you might need two of these to cover that space. Think of it as being like a WiFi router: to get a good wifi signal, you put your router in the middle of your space, up high. Yes, the rest of your devices can USE the one with zigbee to do something, but they aren’t “doing” it.

One benefit of putting a smart speaker up high is getting it out of the “ground clutter” of all the things blocking what it (and you) can HEAR.

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So far, any gen of one of these devices has had better speakers than the previous gen. Which makes that generation label an important indicator of “relative quality”, just like car engines, intel processor versions, smart phone model numbers. As soon as that stops being true, people will comment about it.

Thanks, yes, but I’m still curious about feedback from folks who currently have both gens - is the difference in sound quality dramatic? Would I be disappointed to buy this gen as a dramatic streaming music quality improvement over, say a 3rd Gen Dot… or a Tap?

Thinking that it was the international version I missed the opportunity to order one.

No worries, keep your eyes open for it to show up here again!