Echo Show 5 – Compact smart display with Alexa

Echo Show 5 – Compact smart display with Alexa

Gen 1 or 2?

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The 1MP camera means it’s 1st generation.


Note, mother Amazon is currently selling a brand new Echo Show 5 gen 1 for $10 more or $45, with 1-year Amazon warranty vs this 90-Woot warranty for a used one. (Lower normal priced devices like the Echo Dot only come with a 90-day Amazon warranty, but over $50 devices get 1-year.) I believe that $45 price is about the lowest readily available, freestanding (no associated joint promotions) offered price ever.

Why would someone purchase this when a Fire tablet, 8 or 10 inch that are always for sale here, can perform the same function and be a tablet???

Certainly an option, even vs larger Show devices like the Show 8 and 10.

However, if all a person wants is a dedicated Alexa device, with simple user interface, those tablets would likely be a less ideal match.

And the sound output of any of the Show devices, while not all perfect, is better-suited to across the room use vs a tablet’s tiny speakers.

Furthermore, the multi-mic far-field technology in the Echo devices would likely be superior for interpreting the voice commands from around a room.

Even the Echo mounting stand for the Fire 10 tablet - designed for your use case, appears to be a stinker, sales-wise.

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I’ve tried to use a fire tablet in “show mode” before and it’s not the same experience. Can’t hear you as well, screen will go to sleep sometimes when it reboots and you have to turn it back on the show mode, it seems like there’s other things it wasn’t able to do that the show could do.
Yeah and obviously the speakers aren’t as good so you have to have an external speaker for sure if using a tablet.

Got a new one of these for $5 on Prime Day.

Bought a discounted 2 pack of Blink Outdoor cameras, and had the option of adding the gen1 Show 5 for $5 more. Said why not, for $5 can’t go wrong.

I tried one for the price, the one I got has a noticeable dark spot (almost looks like a smudge) on the far right of the screen, maybe 2" tall and half inch wide. Looks like I get to start the return process.