Echo Show 5 – Smart Display with Alexa

Echo Show 5 – Smart Display with Alexa

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Not a fan of the 5" show. Thought it would be perfect on the nightstand but it’s slow and sluggish and you have to scream at it to hear you. Very often, I will raise my voice to get its attention and the Show in the next room responds while this one ignores me.

Often, when i ask it to play a playlist, it will play 3 seconds of a song and then move on to the next one. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Restarting somestimes fixes the playlist issue, sometimes not. The sluggishness when trying to navigate the device or adjust the volume is just awful. Pressing the volume up button a few times causes the device to restart I’d say 7 out of 10 times. It’s just so slow in responding to anything. Software on all my devices is up to date and this happens across 4 shows: 3 10" modelsa and this 5" one.

I was heartbroken that I was away a couple of weeks ago and missed the original Show that was on here. I have been waiting to grab one of those and throw this 5" one into a donation bag. I loved the original Show but gave my 3 to family members when I upgraded to the 10s. What a mistake that was!


I’ve had an interesting experience with my 1st gen show. It was so bad at hearing what I said that I office spaced it in the garage and it was very cathartic :blush: Yes, it was worth it as I have had way less issues with newer gen.

I own one of every show flavor. I use this exact version as a clock in my bedroom as well. You have to absolutely scream at if you leave it directly on a surface. Waking up screaming is a laugh riot, naturally /s

The mic placement was an abysmal failure from a design perspective. An alarm clock going off incessantly when you can’t shut it off is one of the worst ways to wake up. It never came close to playing the song I asked for in other times. That was until I put it up on a little corner stand that I had sitting around. Getting it off the surface of a nightstand and having the front edge hang off a bit has resolved all of my issues. Should this be necessary? Absolutely not. Is it necessary to avoid headaches? Unquestionably.

I hope this helps others :slight_smile:


Thread hijack alert - has anybody who uses the otherwise wonderful Amazon Tap noticed its voice request accuracy deteriorating over time? Its voice recognition used to be pretty solid, but it is clear Amazon never intended it to survive since its name didn’t even include “Echo”. Leaves a gap in the Amazon Echo lineup.

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I’d wager that it’s dust: the ultimate destroyer of electronics. If you have a dirt devil or vacuum with a hose, put the attachment with a brush on the end and put it near, but not flush to surface of the mic port. An anti-static electronics vacuum is ideal but I totally understand why people who don’t have IT roles wouldn’t have one.

If you put it right up against the port without a brush attachment, it may damage the mic. Do not use compressed air for ports like this either. Blowing into it with that much power can also damage the sensitivity that we are trying to restore. It also may push the dust into more crevices anyways. I do this probably quarterly as well as vacuuming out my PCs. Hope this helps!


Thanks. The mic ports on the Amazon Tap are not visible and on the top like some Echo devices - they’re hidden behind the vertical fabric, who knows where. I might try vacuuming the fabric. But I’d guess since Amazon officially doesn’t even acknowledge the Tap as an Echo line product, they’ve long ago left support of it in “the dust”. Implying, subsequent Alexa development on the server side is “less compatible” with the Tap, vs when it was new.

My work around, when Alexa is wonky, is to use the app to start a stream, that on any other device, would start fairly reliably via voice command.

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Oof, I’ll be honest… I didn’t remember this device. I did some research and couldn’t see a teardown showing where the mic was either. I did discover that it doesn’t have an IP67 rating like a lot of bluetooth speakers in this range. If it’s portable, that should have been a must. Honestly, it should be a must for anything with holes for mics or speakers, period. Sorry, fren.

This is the “smart” bluetooth speaker where you have to touch the mic button in order to use the hands-free Alexa feature…


  1. Actually, I don’t think we’ve ever used it outside, and while it is Bluetooth capable, we’ve never used it that way - if we need a Bluetooth speaker to go with us outside the home, we already have that. We primarily use it as a portable Alexa streaming device around the home, wirelessly connected via wifi just like other Alexa devices. No need to even have our phone on us.

  2. The push to request Alexa was later updated so you can enable no push required. But the way we use it to stream, we don’t need that since we’re picking it up to take it with us around the house and pushing the button to request the stream is no big deal.

If you haven’t heard it and lived with the Amazon Tap, hard to see its benefits.

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Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the info!