Echo Spot - Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

Echo Spot - Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

Same price as the Echo Show 5. What am I missing?


That this is a bad deal.


Good thing the clock is smart because whoever would buy it at this price isn’t.


Amazon stopped making the round Echo Spot for a long time and the only alternative was the Show 5. The Show was comparably priced but with a more normal shaped screen that made it better for watching content (news clips, YouTube, Netflix, etc.). Amazon appears to be selling them again, and this woot price is $20 less. If you’re like me and this just looks better in your bedroom than a Show 5, it’s an opportunity to pick one up with a slight discount. That said, it’s also slightly old tech.

I bought this when it first came out. It thought it was cool. but the novelty wore off quickly. It is a really good clock, time, weather, immediate answers from Amazon/Alexa. but it isn’t good for watching videos from ring or blink. since its round it shrinks the video to fit.
Since the Show 5 is rectangular you get better bigger videos. I’d recommend going that way more. (also it has the privacy cover for the camera)

Yes, a video camera pointed right at my bed! What could possibly go wrong? :slight_smile:


Bought one of these a while back to listen to music in the kitchen. The sound is awful. Very low volume even at the max. I moved it into the bathroom hoping that the smaller space would make it usable. Still crap. Not a fan.

I’ve got one and I like the form factor a lot. However, I’ve occasionally seen a screen flicker problem with it, and from searching online, so have lots of other people. It’s a nice size to take on vacations and is easier to reconfigure for different WiFi networks.

Amazon has refurbished Echo Show 5 for $50. MUCH better deal than this. I might jump on it, but I have a Spot plugged into an external speaker that I bought a few months ago. I’d like to get my ROI. (Or just give it to one of the kids.)

Lots of issues with the screens. About a month after my warranty expired I started having trouble with screen flicker. It began intermittently but eventually was a constant thing. I ended up trading it in on a Echo Show 5 when they offered a trade in deal. The Show 5 has been going strong. Knowing they got quite a few of these back on trade and refurbished them, I would pass even though these are new.

I bought and again Woot has failed and sent me something that was incomplete. It didn’t have a powercord. Instead of sending me a nee one or credit enough to purchase from amazon thry are like return it. Wth logic is that? I wanted the item…how about sell stuff thats been checkednin some aspect?

Im done with woot they suck