Eclipse: The Great American Tour (NEW)

Shame! ding! This should have been out a week ago - my estimated shipping shows it’ll arrive DAYS AFTER the event… Much better to wear it that day… Shame! Shame! ding! ding!

Most likely you’ll get it before then. They usually get the shirts out within a day or two and the shipping is fast. I ordered a shirt last Monday. It shipped Tuesday. Arrived Friday.

I posted about this too!!! I chose one day shipping to get it in time because of the estimates…

I was going to place an order for 14 for a group of us, but late shipping makes them pretty much worthless to me, so no buy. Even one day shipping puts them arriving the day of the event and I’ll already be at the remote location. Bummer.

Some enterprising woot monkey needs to offer:

Order Monday, Get Shirt by Thursday Deal!!

I would order with that deal!

Criminy :confused: My son would love to wear this to school the day of, but even 2 day shipping doesn’t show it getting to me in time. Dang it, woot! :cry:

I received my shirt yesterday after paying one day shipping… I feel I would’ve been ok without paying $10 for shipping, but with the ridiculous delivery estimates…

Still don’t agree about the timing of this sale :frowning:

This would’ve been beyond awesome if they could’ve done 2-sided, with the main cities on the center-line listed on the back with times (like rock concert shirts with tour cities and dates)