ECO 2 GO Chiller 16oz w/ Band & Straw 6pk

Take a look at this video montage, showing the cups in action

hey guys, just a reminder; today’s offer is for the 16oz, not like the previous offer of the 20oz version.

Is the size difference New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s fault? (snicker)

Hahahahah maybe?

I was just commenting on why I nuked previous posts comparing the 20oz size.

How long does it keep beverage cool?

Up to 2 hours depending on environment. If you’re out in the 90 degree direct sunlight, it won’t stay cool as long as inside your 72 degree, shaded house.

The inner gel freezes fast, and does do a decent job of keeping it cool. Perfect for car rides.

I really enjoy the lidded tops. I always keep a drink by the bed…this reduces that once-yearly spill from a 20oz disaster to a manageable spill (not just because these are 16 oz cups, because they do a good job of keeping the contents within even when toppled).

I got these last time in the 20 oz size, and one arrived cracked. Over half were cracked within a week. However, the 2 remaining ones that I have do an awesome job of keeping stuff cold, especially when you throw in some ice cubes.

The pictures make them look pretty short for a 16oz. Do they have the standard size base?

If you have kids they will all be cracked in a week. We had the set of the 20oz cups and all but one is cracked. The one that is not cracked is the one I keep at work far far away from any children.

My local Fort Worth Wal-mart has the 24oz Cool Gear Chiller clearance priced at $3 each. I thought it worked okay, but didn’t chill for very long. Smaller ones may do a better job of chilling drinks; I have no experience with those.


I still have all 5, plus the 24 oz one from Walmart.

2 adults, 15, 14 and 4 year old children.

3 Alaskan malamutes.

Casualties? 1 plastic straw. I dropped the 24 oz cup, while full, and it caused half of the straw to shatter. Otherwise…I don’t know. Do you all use dishwashers? I don’t have one, so maybe that’s it. Otherwise, tell the kids to stop having cup-wars and you shouldn’t have a problem.

but cup-wars are the best wars, second only to sock-wars!

Hello all!

I have a few of these cups that I bought at another store and they work pretty darn well for car trips and such. I’ve had mine for about a year (give or take a couple months) and I’ve had no issues with them. I take the rubber gripper off before I put them in the dishwasher and I wash those by hand. The cups have held up amazingly well.

The only issue I have is that my dogs seem to love the straws and will chew on them any chance they get. :frowning: RIP straws.

The one I have (24oz) I too got at Walmart, I believe from the labels on mine say do not put in dishwasher. So, I always wash by hand. The one I have now is my second, the first i broke with a large chuck of ice… The ice won.

Being 16oz, I’m still thinking. I drink a lot of water.