Eco Canteen Stainless Steel 26 Ounce Water Bottle – 2 Pack

Product Website

In for one. Well, two really.

How do these compare to SIGG water bottles?

Those lids are kinda funny looking…I’m not sure if I trust them.

The video on their site doesn’t work.

The video review doesn’t work. Are these things worth it?

“The Eco Canteen can now be found in Wal-Mart, CVS and other fine stores.”


If these can’t be cleaned easily, you could do what I do with my water bottles: fill with hot water and throw in a denture cleaning tablet or two.

I don’t have this Eco-Canteen, but I have a stainless steel bottle and it works really well to fill it with water and put it in the fridge, especially because stainless steel is a great conductor of hot and cold temperatures.

The only problem I see is they don’t seem to have caps for the spouts. The more fastidious among us need those to keep cooties off the part we sip from. My Kleen Kanteen has a cap. It’s also more than twice as expensive. Good deal, though, for a (presumably) Chinese water bottle…

Pretty useless website… the video is a broken youtube video, and it doesn’t look like it has any other links to go to for specs, ordering, etc. I’d at least like to know how tall it is…

You Tube review

These are fantastic!! And at this price they’re an incredible steel! (Get it? But really, they are…)

I’m in for 6.

Awesome Woot, guys!

May I presume that this “canteen” is not double-walled so as to provide optimum insulation for hot or cold beverages?..

be weary folks…

I love my kleenkanteen (yes it was $16 for one, but none of what you will read in the link)

does anyone know if this can be used for hot drinks, such as hot tea or coffee? are there any plastic pieces that will melt or something?

Will these fit in a standard bike water bottle cage?

Almost jumped on this… but
i do not like those reviews.

If you have an Aluminum water bottle (especially SIGG) please consider switching over to Stainless Steel. They are healthier for you. This is a great price even for just one bottle!

However, if you are looking for quality (as I have heard these are a bit iffy) I would look into Klean Kanteen.