Eco Club EZ-Shopper – Apricot

haha OMG…

What the heck is this!

wrong bag

A bag you can put crap in!

Hmm… it’s a bag, and it looks like crap!

This? In a Woot off? Come on!

I predict these in many boggy ol creatures

new low… boc without the crap

Jiminy Cricket, that is the ugliest shopping bag I have ever seen. I’ll stick with the ones that attach to my bicycle, thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

umm. gross. and why would I want to carry 40lbs of groceries in ONE bag?

Its a Bag Thats Crap

Shipping make this not worth it!

almost bought that thing, thinking it was BOC

goes great with my tata pump. discreation

the shipping is more than the item. wootfail

Come on! I want a brigade of chickens, not a crappy bag!

who’s th DB that just got 1?

Oh boy! $5 shipping!

damn it no one will buy this Cr@p time to take a break and come back in 3 hours prob take longer then then iphone cases

me gusta