Eco Club EZ-Shopper – Apricot

Come on! I want a brigade of chickens, not a crappy bag!

who’s th DB that just got 1?

Oh boy! $5 shipping!

damn it no one will buy this Cr@p time to take a break and come back in 3 hours prob take longer then then iphone cases

me gusta

And why not use one of the store-sold bags for 99¢ that doesn’t involve $5 shipping?

Just what I need to take to Wally World so someone can get a pic of me and post it on… in for 3… NOT

I have one of these. Got it from a BOC but it’s blue. They’re small, and annoying. Not to mention an eye sore. There’s a reason Woot’s selling it for a whole 99¢

Same here…

I didnt think anybody was stupid enough to buy a bag but I was wrong

This looks like the same design as the $2 (vs $1) Home Depot bags.
These are really amazing bags, they clip on the sides of the cart so you just fill it up while shopping, and you know that everything will fit.

The pattern isn’t for me, but those Home Depot ones aren’t for everyone either.