ecobee Room Sensors, 2-Pack with Stands

ecobee Room Sensors, 2-Pack with Stands

Useful. But I think I’ll spend $2 more and get the new generation (better battery life, better detection range) 2pack of ecobee SmartSensors over on Amazon.


You can find these at some Home Depots for $49.99 due to there being a newer version out.

How does this system ballance temperature? it does not appear to be anything but some sensors and there is no mention of it being able to zone a system or working with a zoned system. It appears that it just makes sure the heat is on in the whole house if you are home. If you ask me that is kid of a waste of money. I would prefer a system that can actually alter the temperature in a single room not just heat the whole house until the room that I am in is warm.

It doesn’t really balance the system - you can’t do that without having a heating/cooling system with zone control. All it does is allow you to set an average temperature in the rooms of your choice (or the rooms that are occupied according to the sensors). So, rather than just setting the thermostat to the temperature at the thermostat, you can set it to average in the rooms that you are actually occupying. The effectiveness probably depends on how open plan your house is. The sensors also don’t sense you’re in a room when you are asleep (or not moving much) so you have to think about the settings at night.

The thermostat and sensors obviously cannot bring zone control to a system, you’d need a HVAC system that supports zones to do that.

As philgr99 said, this can be used to take an “average” temp in your house, in case the thermostat itself is in a hot or cold spot.

We use it to make sure the temp in the room we’re actually in is the temperature we want, whatever that does to the rest of the house. In our 2-story house, the upstairs gets warmer than downstairs. So at night, the Ecobee thermostat is configured to use only the upstairs sensor, which lets the downstairs get cooler than the setpoint so that the upstairs is more comfortable.

We do not use the occupancy sensors; they are optional in the Ecobee configuration.

This isn’t a good price - these never sold for 99 bucks …price was more like 69 bucks full retail so this doesn’t seem to be a deal at that same price. A deal would be 50 bucks which is more in line with what other retailers sold these for on clearance …