Ecolution 8” & 11” Fry Pan Bundle

Got a set of these at Ross a few months back. Looks like a great deal to me, I’ve loved them thus far. My only complaint is that the handles seem to come loose occasionally. They’re very easy to tighten with a single screw driver though!

I didn’t know what PFOA was, so if anyone else is unsure: Chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) | US EPA

So, it seems that these pans would still have PTFE (“Teflon”), but be processed to not use/create PFOA. Looks like a good thing. Now, if only I could find a pan that didn’t use PTFE…

How heavy are they?

Soooo its a hippie pan? How Earth Day like of you…

I JUST bought ONE 9.5 inch pan from a local store yesterday for 17.95. Looks like a good deal. Since I haven’t had a chance to wash the one I just bought I think it’s going back.

Can anyone comment on if they are truly dishwasher safe with powdered diswasher detergent?

I’ve never heard of this brand. Checked out their Website, and they seem all about saving the earth. Here are some reviews for the 3 pack, which includes a 9.5 inch as well. The reviews seem to indicate that they work well, are easy to clean, and are truly non stick.

I cook Macintosh Apples on them, So yes they are Mac compliant.

Sounds like greenwashing at it’s finest. A “water-based solvent” isn’t going to negate the fact that you’re cooking on a toxic substance. Want chemical non-stick? Go for it, seems like a good price and is probably a fine product. But don’t think for a minute that you’re doing anything good for the environment or your health by buying this pan.

I use pans with a ceramic non-stick coating, which I love. How do these pans compare to those? They both claim to be “green.”

I haven’t been able to find any evidence that the non-stick coating is truly healthy or eco-friendly, but I’ve had an 11" pan for over a year. It’s still non-stick and easy to clean, and I do use it on high heat and occasionally run it through the dishwasher (with powdered detergent, as I’m cheap, on the bottom shelf, because it won’t fit in the top). It’s really great for when 12 people show up unexpectedly for brunch.

I actually own these pans in two different sizes. I bought them at Ross’s. They have been used daily for several months and they retain their coating.

Caveat: The design on the bottom will eventually peel off on a high heat stove (gas)using metal grates. It is unavoidable and irrelevant. The main thing is how little (if any) oil you need to use with these and how well they clean up after.

The length of the handle is generous compared to other pans. A plus that it is silicone. Yes, it is dishwasher safe, but why bother? hand washing is a breeze & won’t take up valuable dishwasher space.

The price is good for both.

As with all these, use silicone, wood or plastic utensils to prevent scratching.

I have these and I am very pleased. I also own the ones that are ceramic and love those as well. Easy clean up and hardly any oil.

The others I have look like these and it is pretty cool that they are white, even though I recently found other ceramic pans with colored interiors. I think white makes it easier to see what’s happening in terms of glazing, etc.

I also bought the 11" pan at Ross and I really like it. Definitely can’t hurt to have a backup for when the first one goes.

I’m going to have to hold out for the woot! cast iron skillet. Hope I didn’t miss it…

As will I!

This is better than Cast Iron, how? If I get a scratch on my Lodge stuff, I can fix it myself.

Ever tried to fix Teflon? It can’t be done!


Owned one. These are college student’s first apartment-grade crap. The handles come loose almost immediately, standard chemical non-stick, and you can just feel the cheap. Avoid.

How much RAM do they have and can I boot them through Windows?

Remember, these are made out of aluminum and you’ll void any warranty if you ram them through a window with your boot.