Ecoman Micro Bullet RC Helicopter – 2 Pack

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Ecoman Micro Bullet RC Helicopter � 2 Pack
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Ecoman EC10156 Micro Bullet RC Helicopter

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Oh, these are so annoying when the people at malls fly them close to your head.

I actually bought one before. Beware: they are quite hard to control and you will fly into walls very often.
On the plus side, they are much more durable than they feel, and can definitely withstand drops from very high altitudes.

Froogled. - $32.95


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I really dislike my set of RC copters that are like these… I never get any good flying time out of them

Bought it fast :). Like the deal!

Most micro RC helicpoters on Amazon are like $25 min. So two for $20 appears to be a wonderful deal.

How manny batteries???

I’m in for 2 … meant one

These are great for a little throw away fun. Drives my cat nuts.

anyone have these?

any one know the dimensions?

These look like the same basic design as many others that Woot has been selling since Xmas. If so, then they will be very hard to control, and can’t be flown in sunlight or if a breeze is blowing…

see what we can break with these

I love that you get two. I can feel less nervous about crashing and breaking it knowing that I already have a spare ready to go.

look like they’d be fun. nice price 2.

Anyone in for a monitor tonight? 19" Acer on sellout w00t -
refurbricated for $139

Can you set up different RC channels for each copter, i.e., can two people fly them at the same time without interfering with each other?

Bought one last time they were up. Very very hard to control. Each controller takes 4 double A batteries I believe. None of which are included.

good deal, 2 for $25? usually 1 for 30 or so…

looks like something for a 12 year old