Ecomposter with Spider Base Woot Info Post - when quality doesn’t count.

Ecomposter with Spider Base [New] - $99.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Systems Trading STC33301 Ecomposter with Ring Base, 1 * Spider Base

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That’s the Death Star


Composter? Looks like a Russian Lunar Module!
Sputnik anyone?

Russian Sputnik

This is exactly what I’ve always wanted!

I would probably buy this if I didn’t have to assemble it

Takes 2 people 2 HOURS to construct?

4 man hours? Holy crap.

Reviews at Amazon


I had to look it up in a few places…but here’s some general info regarding what the eff.

This thing is bigger than it looks! It can hold 71 gallons of food and waste…

How is the rotting food on a hot summer’s day going to smell in this thing? Does it have any kind of filters or anything to keep from stinking?

This is awesome for those of us with mandatory composting laws… (San Francisco)

Wow, this looks incredibly hard to put together. Has anyone tried it before?

I wonder if this will emit an odor or if it has a “diaper gennie” quality. Can you keep it on the back deck, or will you need to place it as close to the neighbors yard as possible?

Its too big to be a composter!

what are the

48 (+2) S4 Greed Side Tabs

greed? not a nice emotion . . . .

[MOD: Wow, you were actually reading all the parts or were you just looking for a typo? :tongue:]

It’s kind of like the recycling version of the death star

Based on the reviews I’ve been reading on Amazon, this thing is a B to put together.