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Ecomposter with Spider Base [New] - $99.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Systems Trading STC33301 Ecomposter with Spider Base

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Didn’t we just have this few months ago?

Also doubles as a scale model of Sputnik. I’ll get one just for that.

Isn’t this the time travel device from Contact? If so, it’s a bargain.

That’s no Ecomposter with Spider base! That’s a space station!

metallic grey is the new green apparently


This thing again. I start to try to talk myself into spending that much for a composter, then I click on the photo, and…they decided to let the consumer also be the assembly line worker! Unpaid, of course…

How big is that thing?

Dang, for a second there, I though you were Wooting Sputnik!

Is this REALLY any better than saving your leaves and other yard debris and letting it rot in a pile. I just think it is product looking for a solution that does not actually exist.

I remember this video from last time. Should get it this go around…

Once your compost is finished. You can safely launch it into space with this well designed spaceship.

I think we went over this last time. Spiders have 8 legs.

you know what’s cooler than this?
The Japanese are turning plastic into usable OIL:

yup, back in June:

How long will it take for the alien eggs to hatch?

oh jesus not this shit again. this was posted like a month or two ago. I remember crappy reviews like:

Difficult to impossible to assemble (with two people it takes three hours. every single fastener must be put in by hand; something like 500 fasteners and 8 connecting plates)

hard to rotate on spider stand

works no better or faster to compost than a big garbage bin

save your cash folks

Got one last time and it is great. Takes a bit of time to assemble, use a rubber mallet on the plastic pins, but other than that, easy and great.