Ecomposter with Spider Base

It’s the Death Star! Guess it didn’t explode after all…

Amazon averages 3 1/2 stars

That’s no moon… It’s a composter!

As an added bonus, you can be the Death Star for Halloween next year

this thing eats crap like you for breakfast!

They’ve had this enough times recently that I can remember the FAQ’s. To wit:

It’s bigger than it looks (heavier, too, when full).

Assembling it is the same kind of fun as a 50-piece 3-D puzzle.

It works really well as long as you only put compostable stuff in it.

Yes, banana peels and coffee grounds go in, too.

No, it does not walk around your yard or shoot a death ray.

Why do the boxes in all of woots pictures always look like crap?

Purchased on a previous WOOT. WORKS GREAT! Lowes/Home depot has same composter without additional stand and the price starts at $135+. If you ever thought about composting this is very easy to use, and does not seem to have the smell of other composers. I think that is due to the advanced airation system.

Darth Wooter Strikes Back!

My guess…So when you get one in slightly better shape you’ll feel better about the Woot purchase, as opposed to them showing a pristine box and you getting the beat to crap one and pissing and moaning about it???

Ecomposter with Sputnik Base

So what will this thing do to wood, like the hundreds of branches falling off the oak in my back yard each year? I assume it’ll do a good job of rotting leaves, grass clippings, and the stuff I want to throw out of my fridge decently.

I got one a couple of woots ago. Here are some points:

  • It’s bigger than expected - I had to take to 2 lids off to get it out my door.
  • I put it together myself but it definitely would have been easier with 2 people.
  • I have it on the spider base and it can be pain to turn once you get it near full.
  • It does come with the roll-on base too so you could just roll it round your yard if you prefer.
  • It looks cool in the yard - everyone that’s noticed it has commented on it.

Two hours for two people to construct? That’s enough to keep me away. I’ll stick with my little beach bucket.

There’s a video about this product at the WalMart site: (WalMart’s price on this item is $170)

Put the branches through a chipper first and it’ll handle them fine.

Nothing says you cook too much food more than a composting ball.

I bought this last time it came around. I have this and another name-brand compost tumbler.

There are hundreds of small parts to build this thing. It’ll take the avg person 3-4 hours to setup. Quality of parts is high, instructions good, it is rigid despite plastic appearance.

Once halfway full, using the spider stand, I couldn’t even roll the unit anymore b/c theres nothing to grab onto, and forget getting it out of the spider stand at that point. My wife can’t roll it once it’s one-quarter full, and she’s pretty strong.

It comes with optional plastic base that acts like a round curb you can roll it in and out. Much more reasonable if you’ve got a flat spot and no prankster neighbors or nearby kids that will roll off with your unit.

I found spider base worthless for my level of usage. Other base makes this a superb buy. Putting unit together is not for the faint of heart. It is much sturdier than my Urban Compost Tumbler unit, which I paid 3x as much for.

I would recommend this unit, good bang vs. buck.

5 gallons of organic compost costs about $4. So after only two loads of compost at 70gal each, this baby pays for itself. Then you can turn your lemonade stand into a compost stand, selling worm fecal matter to the neighbors.