Econo-Heat Wall Heater

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Econo-Heat Wall Heater
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Got two of them last year and returned them soon after trying one out. Hardly felt any effect even in not so cold bay area. Probably one of the most disappointing purchases. Woot was nice enough to let me return them.

I got one of these in a bag of crap from woot’s 10th birthday so I can say that my experience has been that it is a really good paperweight in our guest room.

Jay Kay, it’s been too warm here in Los Angeles to try this thing yet. The cats sure like to sleep on the box, though.

Remember, safety first!


Let’s learn all about econo-heat


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Bought one. It works fine for a small room. However, there is no thermostat so you have to turn it on and off manually. Also, warning, it makes the wall behind it very, very hot. So hot, I mounted a board behind it in fear it might start to scorch the wall.

4.4 Stars over at The Home Depot

I have bought 3 of these. they work great. They add comfort heat. 2 were cracked when they arrived but I needed to use them because my furnace had died and it was -20 at night. they still put out enough heat to make us not cold. I still use one in my bedroom on cold nights. I live in north dakota btw.

I bought one a few years ago and it never gave off much heat and then stopped working all together and you could hear something rattling.

From the econo-heat product page

400 watts

1 heater per 120 ft² (temperate climate)

1 heater per 90 ft² (cold climate)

surface temperature of the panel is 165 to 190 F

120 sq ft is 10 x 12
90 sq ft is 9 x 10

The temperature at which paper burns is 451 F. However, materials coated with an oil based substance, such as oil based paint, can begin combustion at temperatures within the operating range of this heater.

Perhaps one should install an asbestos backing with this unit for added safety.

i’m vouching for this, it only uses 400 watts and warms a 15x15 room up nicely, i’m up here in deep freeze michigan too.

Bought one last year for my kids bedroom for supplemental heat. I like to keep it cool when I sleep but didn’t want to freeze the kiddos out so added one of these. Keeps their room about 7-10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house which is perfect for what I needed. Put these in a cold room or portion of the house but don’t expect them to be your sole source of heat.

Great heaters but they don’t ship well. I have used these for years but every one that I have ordered online has arrived cracked. Ordering directly from the factory has been the only way to get them packaged properly for shipping. We will see what happens with Woot but I expect it will be cracked. The factory advises not using one if it is cracked as the cracks will only get bigger and eventually expose the element and create a fire hazard. Yep, that’s what they say. Oh and I see some people put boards and things behind them to reduce the heat on the wall. Bad idea. It is supposed to heat the wall behind and create a convective airflow. If you reduce this heat on the wall then you are reducing the efficiency of the heater. Use as directed.

I use these installed on both wood and drywall and the units mounted on drywall work much better. The lesson is that the hotter the back surface gets the more effective and efficient the heater will be. It is important to install as directed to provide adequate airflow between the unit and the wall for efficiency and safety.

Bought one last winter, plugged it in and it cracked within 2 minutes. Sent it back for a refund and patched the holes in the wall. Seemed like it may have worked well if it hadn’t cracked. Didn’t want to take the chance on another cracking.

Wouldn’t the board heat up just like the wall and still give you the same convective airflow? The only difference being that board gets hot instead of your wall.

is this solar powered???

i have had it set up all summer and my room was warm. but now its getting cold what the deal man!

At my office they chopped a large bathroom in half by putting up a new wall and cutting the size of the bathroom in half. Problem is, the half that is still a bathroom lost it’s heat source, so they installed one of these. It does keep the very small bathroom warm. Reason I don’t have one at home is the 400W of electricity used. That’s the same as having ten 40W light bulbs burning in your house all at the same time.

These can be very nice if used as directed. I’ve got a good trick too.

I live in WI and like to turn my heat down to 50s at night in the winter to save energy. Children, especially infants, don’t handle the cold as well as adults. So I’ve installed this in my nursery.

I’ve found the best pratice is to run this device off an outlet timer to coincide with the shutting off of my furnace for the night.

My thermostat goes down to 58 from 10PM to 5AM. I run this heater from 11PM to 4am. It keeps our nursery at around 65-70 degrees (depending on how cold it gets outside) while the rest of the house goes down to the 50s.

It saves a LOT on energy bills. I’m able to turn off my heat for the rest of my house while keeping a single room warm.

Will these work on a sloped ceiling? I’m thinking of putting one in a converted attic room, but most of the walls are sloped upwards about 45 degrees.