Econo-Heat Wall Heater

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Econo-Heat Wall Heater
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Very Good Reviews over at Home Depot

I have a 600w version of this , it has been running in my laundry room (the room is 60sf) for about 4 months solid, the house hasn’t burnt down, so there is that. It works pretty well, it keeps the room bearable. I am not certain the room has any other heat source. There is a vent, but i think it might be a cold air return. Anyway, i have seen some bad reviews on this, but my experience has been just fine, no issues and it works well.

It does get hot, not glowing red hot, but hot. You can touch it accidentally and not burn yourself, I wouldn’t recommend leaving your hand on it for too long. if you have a small child, they will get the hint before causing any real damage.

I now have several of these and love them. However, they did not come easy. My complaint is not with the heaters but with Woot.

I ordered 3 of them the last time they were on woot. 2 arrived broken out of the 3. I contacted Woot and they agreed to exchange them. I trek out to the post office and send them off. A few days later I get 2 replacements. 1 is broken. I contact woot again, explaining that they did nothing to package the heater. They just slapped a shipping label on the manufacturer’s box and hoped it would survive the trip (which it did not). The manufacturer never intended these to ship in the display box. I suggested they pack the box in an overpack box. They did not. The replacement arrived broken as well. I contacted them again and requested a replacement. Again, they sent me a broken heater. Not only was it broken, but the one they sent me was used. I could tell by the bag of mounting hardware being opened and the wall anchors had scratches indicating they had already been mounted in a wall. They sent me a USED heater!

Long story short, I never got my final heater. It was frustrating to say the least. Woot did refund the amount for the last heater but nothing excuses their abysmal shipping process. It’s a waste of time for me and a waste of money for Woot… :frowning:

So you have no problem with your heater running in the laundry room even though it says it’s not recommended for Laundry rooms and bathrooms and similar INDOOR locations. I was wondering why that would be. Maybe they are just covering their, um, assets. I was looking for one for my bathroom, I mean really, 120 sq. ft. is a rather small space, like a laundry room or bathroom, maybe a kitchen?

I would guess that the excess humidity that could be created in those rooms may damage or fry the unit, but I’m only speculating.

Edit: I would guess that as long that it’s off during showers and after showers (until after the humidity cleared up) it would probably be fine in your bathroom, unless you place it too close to a water source or make it capable of falling into your tub…but I would imagine most people have enough marbles to realize that isn’t a good idea. :slight_smile:

The bathroom may be because of humidity, however the laundry room is more likely due to the dust. If it gets in the unit, it can go on fire.

You would be amazed at the lack of marbles with the general public.

Over the past year I’ve seen a large drop in Amazon’s attention to shipping and as they’ve expanded drop ship sources, Amazon has clearly not required adequate shipping packaging.

Wonder if anyone has analyzed root cause for the Q3 2014 operating loss of $544 million?

It’s probably because the lack of interest in the Fire phone. That and maybe expansion costs for their warehouses.

I have yet to receive a poorly wrapped or damaged parcel from Amazon. I pay for Prime and their service is top notch. They deliver on Sundays via USPS and even overnight at no extra charge from the regular Prime charges.

After each mailing I always receive email from Amazon asking about the quality of each packaging. Amazon has provided me excellent service all these years!

Wish it was OK in bathrooms…

Never use a heater while in the bathroom with higher humidity; period. If humidity is normal or low you can use it to warm the bathroom, unplug it, move it somewhere else that is normal for humidity, and than have a warm bathroom for shower.

You can also use it in the bathroom as long as your not generating a lot of humidity (steam).

My wife and I were using an old portable honeywell that had a real accurate thermometer to help heat room to room.

This allowed us to keep the heat down to 66 during the day and 60 at night much more comfortably. It was working for years (3) prior to being in our new home and the main reason is we never used it in the bathroom of the old home.

Without thinking about it I plugged it in so my wife could be warm while taking showers. We did this for most of last years winter. This winter it gave up the ghost. I opened it and cleaned it, there was some discoloration, but I was unsure if this was expected or not considering the use.

I than turned it on and it literally burnt (flame) the heating coil up and no longer functioned (obviously) except as being a fan. The discoloration I saw was corrosion.

Humidity will cause corrosion and kill the heating coils. I don’t know if this applies to the other styles such as oil filled radiator types (much slower working), but any quick generating heaters with coils is a seriously bad idea. I am very lucky it stopped functioning over night in our bedroom instead of causing a fire and suffocating us.

Edit This ceramic may be OK. I still stand by this post to warn to never use a product in the bathroom if the manufacturer says not to. Don’t mess around with your safety when it comes to heaters.

I took my chances and ordered another one. This really is a good heater. I hope Woot can get it to me safely…

I use one of these to warm the downstairs. It’s always a little cooler down there and this makes up for it perfectly. It’s silent and nearly hidden. I painted mine to match the wall.

My house has electric heat and I use these as a backup to run off a generator. I have a couple in a bedroom that I can use in case the power goes out. I feel they are safer than regular space heaters. Our cats can’t accidentally get burned by them. Being mounted to the wall, I always know where they are when I need them.

Anyway, Woot, here’s another chance. I hope you pack it better this time. A broken heater is a fire hazard. :confused:

I was a little hesitant to buy one, but after reading the reviews at Home Depot, I pulled the trigger.

If you are hesitant as well, I suggest you do the same!

I have gotten back as a replacement for a broken tablet the same box I shipped out without any actual work done to it. Then found myself in a manufacturer vs. woot debate where I just swallowed the 100 bucks. When woot first started up they were pretty darn sure to put the customer first. Now you just take your lumps and accept that you are one of thousands they are hoping doesn’t gripe too much. Then I really showed Woot…I have ordered dozens of shirts, products, and gizmos since then.

Funk Factor?

I have tried a few conventional space heaters in the past, but they always put off kind of a funky-sweet smell when on.

So … long story short, do these change the scent in the room when operating?

It’s not fun trying live with a dog-nose but a human body.

Am trying to get to my cart to buy one but cannot find how to do it. Aarrgghh. Why is there no check out buttom on this site?

If you hover over the cart icon in the top right corner, there’s a ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button.