Econo-Heat Wall Heater

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Econo-Heat Wall Heater
Price: $59.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Nov 16 to Tuesday, Nov 17) + transit
Condition: New


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After buying one last year that arrived damaged due to bad packaging, we Wooted another one during last offering. It arrived intact (thanks for the pkg changes, Woot), and it works really well. We installed it on a wall near our child’s bed, and if the ceiling fan is not turned on, it makes it almost too warm.

Does this one have any thermostat or do you have to manually turn it on and off?

No built in thermostat, I use mine with a separate thermost and it works great!

I bought two of these for my basement from woot last fall, both arrived cracked, both of my replacements arrived cracked. They are heavy too so returning them is a pain.

1 - Is the heat likely to damage or introduce danger if mounted on ancient drywall that’s painted with latex?

2 - Can this be painted with latex paint?

3 - Does it require a grounded outlet or is it two-prong?

4 - Is the room size listed accurate? Thinking of this for an attic space that’s more like 10x30. Would I need two?

Anyone know if this works well behind a sofa? Thinking about getting one for the living room.

I would rather this, than put that plastic wrap on the window behind it.

I bought one a year ago for my kids room that was colder than the rest of the house. Did the trick and now keeps it a few degrees warmer than the rest of the house…I’d say it’s a great source of supplemental heat for the average size bedroom if you want to raise the temperature 10-15 degrees. I wouldn’t place anything within about 10-12 inches in front of the surface. Just ordered another one for a basement bedroom.

I just measured the space and it looks like this will be too big to fit where I wanted to put it anyway. Oh well.

Bought two of these on a previous Woot and they worked fine for the first winter. Made lots of heat and did well (follow directions). The down side is that they both cracked within weeks of each other after that first season. Many other people all over the internet complained about the same thing and terrible customer service regarding this issue. The scarier stuff was about scorch marks on the walls and the like. I have used them a couple more times since they’re mounted to my walls but only for a few hours at a time and always while we’re home. Beware and be careful.

I wouldn’t paint ANY electric heater. You’re asking for trouble since it could make the heater itself OVERheat which could lead to fumes, smoke, or even a fire.

And as for your ancient drywall, there was another comment about some “scorching”, so you might be smart to put a heat shield of some type between this and the wall, an/or, mount it with some standoffs and put a little more distance between the heater and the ancient drywall. Might actually improve the performance to get more circulating airspace between it and the wall, too.

Mine came with standoffs and I think that’s what you’re supposed to do anyway for circulation. I wouldn’t buy these if I had it to do over again.

Bought 4 of them when they were in the start-up of production and used them in several areas of a remodeled (drywall) house successfully with electronic timers set to kick them on before sunset and off before 10am. We painted them with standard interior latex and they just did what they’re supposed to - provide boost heat of no more than 10 deg F to the ambient temperature (or in some cases, keep the room from freezing totally). Wouldn’t mount one behind furniture as the heat rises and bakes the top of whatever it’s up against (and would dry out leather or natural materials.) Also blocking the front tends to limit the convection effect.

Since these have no thermostats, I looked elsewhere for my next house and used eheat Envi heaters instead (which do have thermostats and can be also both direct-wired and centrally controlled.) But they are thicker (by about 1/2 inch because of the plastic heat safety case.) And more expensive as a result of the design differences.

I bought one the last time Woot offered this (about a month ago). It developed cracks within minutes of plugging it in. Too heavy and expensive to send back. I have another one that I’ve used for 5 years and love. I’d recommend purchasing from a physical store so you can easily return if you have problems.

Would i be better off with this or a refurbished dyson heating fan when they come up on woot for a kids bedroom?

You can go to a home depot and get them to price match on this unit and have them ship it to your home or the store. That way, if it has cracks, returning is just a short drive instead of a shipping fiasco. (Sorry woot!!!)

I have had one of these purchased from Woot two years ago. It does well enough to keep the temperature from dropping at night in an average size bedroom. As far as cracks developing after installing, it is probably due to screwing the heater too tight into the mounts. Installed when cold, the unit wants to expand a little as it heats up, if it is screwed in too tight it expands where it can, causing cracks. The cracks do not affect the units performance (mine cracked).