Econo-Heat Wall Heater

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Econo-Heat Wall Heater
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Jan 21 to Friday, Jan 22) + transit
Condition: New


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Solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at

4.3 Rating from Wayfair Users

Comments from a previous sale

Woot…stop selling these…they are junk…we’ve had TWO…1st worked for
2wks…the second one overheated n about burned our house down

BOTH pro install…beware

Wow,reading the description , I cab say THST this is 100% bull crap! The way it works bull, the 50% energy saved, compared to what? Ass friction? Natural convection, really is it also gluten free? No dangerous chemicals or…gulp metals…wow…I would buy this product. Get a dog. Get an electric blanket heat the space between your ass and the blanket . Geez.

Bought two.
Cannot be installed on lath and plaster with the included hardware, cannot be installed on paneled walls, concrete walls, stucco or other solid walls. We spent a lot of time finding hardware to install, and then the thing barely heats up at all. You can lean on it with both hands with no discomfort.
Piece of krep.

Had one of two that I bought from a previous woot sale crack for no good reason at all, causing a fire hazard. Do not recommend buying these.

EH, they work. There are other options that don’t get hot to the touch. One of mine came with a slight blemish that turned into a full crack all the way through in a couple days of use.

I have something similar to the eheat envi and it stays cool to the touch.

I bought my few years ago. used it once, and it was too late to return it. It doesn’t work. I am surprised Woot still sells this garbage. Useless product

Brought one about a year back from another site. Put off about as much heat as Yankee candle. Cracked after about two months and went right in the trash. The smell for the first few weeks was terrible too.

We bought one and ot cracked across the middle after using for a few days. Still works, but no response from the manufacturer if it is safe.

This is an interesting idea for a product, and I was tempted for a moment for the guest bedroom that we don’t heat regularly to help take the chill out if we have company in the winter. However I then saw that it was only 400 watts. That is quite low.

For about the same price I can pick up an electric oil filled radiator that puts out 1500 watts. Sure it will take up a bit of space but it will at least do something towards warming the room.

My advice is buy it local - they arrive broken when shipped. WOOT was great about returning it, but frustrating just the same.

Exactly my experience. I bought one at the previous sale and the comments from the previous sale before that one warned me that they don’t package these right for shipping. That’ll be the last time I don’t listen to the majority.

I bought two last time they were on WOOT. One arrived cracked in half. WOOT refunded the amount quickly, but geez… packed terribly.

I got ANOTHER one from a different site. Arrived intact.

Installed two in my kitchen. I like the fact that they can be painted to match my kitchen walls. I actually like these things, and they do a nice job of providing SUPPLEMENTAL heat - don’t think for a minute, though, that they can heat a whole large room.

And oh yeah, I paid much more for mine than this year’s price on WOOT.

Bottom line – they work, this price is really pretty good, so you decide if you want to take the chance it won’t get broken in shipping, then I’d tell you to go for it.

Bought three of these a year or two ago. All were easy to install and work well to this day.

It certainly gets hot enough that resting your hand on it will hurt. It is not going to heat a large room but is ideal for smaller spaces.

Another poster said he had problems after “professional installation”. Cant fathom why you would need professional installation unless you are the sort of person who hires an electrician to install a light bulb. Seriously, drill four holes in the wall and plug it in.

works well in small rooms. Put this up in a bathroom that, in the middle of winter, would be around 58F in temp…with this on it would keep it at about 64-66 much more comfortable. beware…packaging is absolute trash for this item…last one i ordered from woot…i had to return 3 times before finally getting one that was not broken


I unfortunately bought 2 of these. One had a nice big crack right out of the box (so it was never used). The second one is hanging on my wall for about a year now. It gets so hot to the touch that you are afraid to get near it…but you need to be about 1" away from it to even feel any heat. It is placed in a back room of the house that is approximately 60-70 sf and doesn’t do much. lastly, I have now noticed this thing has begun to crack as well.

Stupid purchase on my part. WOOT should sell this under its “crap” section…if at all!!!