Econo-Heat Wall Heater

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Econo-Heat Wall Heater
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This would be pretty sweet in my camper van.

Can this be used in a bathroom without a shower?

I’m sure you can use one whether you take a shower or not.

Takes no floor space? But you can’t put furniture in front of it without blocking air flow.
400 watts is not going to provide very much heat. Most whole-room space heaters are 1000w to 1500w.

Not really safe for kids, the panel itself gets super hot and is not touchable. Mounted on a wall, what kid is not going to want to touch it? Even as an adult testing it out prior to mounting, burned my own hand. Had to return it. Not safe!

Do not buy, these are known to crack due to getting overheated, I had purchased one about a year ago which cracked after 3 weeks of usage, then reading reviews I found this to be a common issue, I have contacted econo twice sending them pictures and asking them to replace my unit, I did NOT get a reply to my complaint and have since learned this seems to be a fair representation of their customer service, clearly they do not stand behind their product, do not buy!.

Would not recommend, bought two, one cracked completely in half, the other puts out so little heat, it wasn’t worth the effort.

Buyer BEWARE. I ordered 2. One works on - is HOT TO THE TOUCH. One cracked within days of using and WOOT sent me to the manufacturer to get it warrantied. There are much better options out there. Spend a little more and you will be thankful you did.

While some folks seem to have had bad experience with these… I’m one for whom they’ve been great.

I have 4 in my house, and they have basically been the sole source for heating the house for the last 3.5 years. (Approx 1000 sf). I do have an electric blanket for the rare occasion it gets really cold at night in Seattle.

The one draw-back I’ve found is that they are somewhat slow to heat the place up after you’ve been gone for a few weeks. They do best when you keep the house at a relatively constant temp. (Which has still been economical.)

As for the heat issue… I’ve only touched the front (which we were able to paint to match the wall by the way) and while it was hot, it definitely didn’t feel like it was going to burn me.

yes. I have one in mine. It has never topped smelling every time it heats up. can’t recommend.

uh…mine is installed (against the manufacturer guidance) in my bathroom, and my kids are just fine with it. Yes it is kid safe. Yes, it will feel hot. It’s kind of friggin obvious that it is hot as you approach it. (uuuhh…it’s a heater). Yes they will learn, and no there will be no scarring. Mine’s been an ongoing experiment for the last year. Don’t expect it to be sufficient when it’s 20 degrees out. It is best when the outside temp is above 40, as a stand-alone heat source. I can’t say I’ve noticed any odors since the first few days.

My disappointment with this device is that there is no settable thermostat–it’s either ON or OFF, and that’s it. You can’t set it to maintain a particular room temp, to maintain a bedroom temperature of, say, 64 degrees when the rest of the house cools further.Should have just bought an electric blanket.
It is completely quiet, though, which is why I bought it in the first place compared to my old fan-powered heater that would cycle annoyingly.

I too, have had a decent experience with one I bought a few months ago. It’s in a big room with poor insulation, but a good ceiling fan. It won’t warm the room, but it keeps it from being frigid. I don’t know if it has saved me money in heating costs, but it has helped it be more comfortable in the bonus room over the garage. I have had no cracks in it yet.

I’ve been reading comments about this heater for quite some time.

Seems to be, hit or miss to infinity.

The cracking problem is apparently the result of attaching the heater to the wall too tightly, and thus not allowing room for expansion.

This seems like sound advice. I wonder if the mounting instructions give guidance on how far to tighten.