Econo-Heat Wall Heater

**Item: **Econo-Heat Wall Heater
Price: $59.99
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Good reviews from Home Depot

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8 hours per night * 0.4kW = 3.2kWh * $0.17/kWh * 30 nights = $16.32 monthly operating cost. Figuring that it’ll last 5 years, and it’ll run 4 months a year, that’s a total cost of ownership of $16.32 * 4 * 5 + $64.99 = $391.39, or $6.52 a month for five years.

If you can use it at work the total cost of ownership is $64.99 and you don’t have to do all that math :slight_smile: Providing you don’t pay those electricity bills of course.

I see these in the office quite regularly. They replace ceiling tiles or hang on office walls. They seem to provide way more heat than is needed.

These babies are only 400 watts. If you live up north they are sure to leave you cold. Electricity is essentially 100% efficient this thing will only save you money by cutting down on the amount of heat you will have in a given room. Better head to your local retailer and purchase a cheap 1500W heater

TONS of comments from when this was offered in October


Some pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at wayfair

Replacement for ceiling tiles?!

WTF? You gotta be kiddin’ me!

Maybe just some of the tiles.

I bought this last time it was offered. I have a 12’x15’ room upstairs that had 10 windows and one small floor register in a very old house. This worked great and I haven’t had the cold January temps yet but it was 10 the other night and the room stayed toasty warm without blowing a breaker like the 1500 watt floor heater would. These things are great.

They do need to be screwed to the wall though. You can’t just lean them up against something.

I have two of these. I live in the San Francisco Bay area, so we’re not talking about sub-zero temperatures around here, and these are just the thing for warming up a room that just needs a little more heat. Bedrooms, tv areas and offices would be best because the user can sit within say 5 feet of them and feel the warmth.

Bought two of these from woot for my Reno home at 5900 ft, and placed them both in very large rooms. They have increased the temp in these rooms enormously, worth every penny.

Yes just one single tile.

It’s not so much the amount of heat it throws off as much as it is your proximity to the unit and the size of your room. (offices are only 200-300 SF) This thing throws off plenty of heat to supplement the office-wide temp.

Just got mine yesterday from the last sale. Installed and used for the first time last night here in Northern AZ (~32F). It was toasty warm in my usually frigid room (10’x15’). This thing is worth every penny, completely silent, and aesthetically pleasing. I will say though that installation was kind of a pain because I didn’t keep the Styrofoam cardboard packaging, so I had to line up the holes to the wall with this 25 lb heater in one hand (awkwardly) and marking the wall with the other. So just to help everyone out, KEEP THE PACKAGING, and use the cardboard/styrofoam hole punchouts to mark your wall for where to drill.

My mother of 74 is always cold. Her living room and dining room and kitchen are free flowing (no doors separating them). She always has a fire going in the fireplace but it simply doesn’t keep her front room warm enough when the fire goes down. Do you think 2 of these for these 3 adjoining rooms might do the trick for her?

Instead of painting this I’m going to throw it on my work flatbed and print a nice mural on this puppy

Heat rises. What would be the point of having a warm ceiling tile?

I have these. I put one under my desk and it keeps the area toasty. I like the fact that it’s silent, but there probably are better heating options out there.

I have a similar one… sitting in a box in a closet because mine turned out to be slightly too big for the wall space I had available.

Some stuff I discovered while reading about people’s experiences:

  • Don’t screw it down super-tightly to the wall. If your house settles or the wall expands/contracts from, say, having a heater next to it, occasionally this can crack the ceramic. The ideal mounting would give it some ‘wiggle room’ although I’m not sure how much the included hardware permits.

  • Inside, these panel units are basically just nichrome heater wire like in a toaster (assuming this one is like all similar products) - so if it cracks the wire does become exposed and probably would be sort of hazardish. Use common sense where you put it, I guess.

Electric heat is ‘efficient’ in the sense that the watts consumed equal the watts put into the room no matter what kind of electric heater it is - it actually becomes a bit of a headache to do the math per actual unit of thermal energy. Searching for “kWh Converter” should help with that.

400 watts is going to be the heat given off by about 7 60w light bulbs… so putting that many light bulbs near people level will heat the room the same amount (with a tiny fraction of that energy converted to light instead of heat) and cost the same in electricity use.