Ecorox EcoXGear EcoStone Bluetooth Speaker

I ordered this 3 days ago and it arrived today. That’s the best thing I can say about it.

It is not new. It is a refurb. (there’s a refurb sticker on the bag)

Normally I would not have a problem with this but it was advertised as new and appears to be a sub-par refurb. The one I received is dirty and scuffed up. There’s some white paint on it and what looks like food or dirt particles in the speaker grill. Just sloppy really.

It does work but does not sound as good as I hoped. Not much bass here.

To be fair I’m comparing it to a Big JamBox and a Klipsch KMC1, both of which blow it away. I only paid $99 for each of those vs $79 for this but the difference in sound quality is much, much wider than the difference in price.

Sorry for the trouble. If you haven’t, please email; CS can help take care of you.

A couple years back I purchased a similar model from the same brand… the “GDI-EGBT500/501/507”
Overall I would recommend it. Admittedly it is not quite as loud as the big jambox, but it is waterproof and durable. I’ve taken it around the world and it has always been plenty loud for a me or a few people to enjoy. No it wont be enough for your beach party. But it is going to handle being underwater/floating/etc. It also has a very good battery life and reliable bluetooth hookup. I’ll even use it as a big speakerphone. I think I use it as much as I do my home stereo even in the house since it pairs easily with the tablet.