EcoSmart A19 60W Equivalent LED Bulbs (24-Pack)

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EcoSmart A19 60W Equivalent LED Bulbs (24-Pack)
Price: $26.99
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Gee Woot,…ya had a better deal here !!!

“Warm” means “yellow,” right?

Yes, and here’s a page on kelvin to color equivalence:

Loves this particular Amazon review:

Yeah! Those others were 5 cents cheaper per bulb and slightly whiter in light color.

Bad experiences with ecosmart here, had to replace several already. Last 22 years, my butt!

Buying a huge collection of non-dimmable bulbs will have you kicking yourself when you get your first ZWave dimmer switch. Ask me how I know.

Yes, you are correct - the ones you want are the “daylight” version - much brighter. If these were “daylight”, would be a done deal for me!!!

Home Depot is cheaper

not sure how thats cheaper given its an 8 pack for $15+ and woot is selling 24 pack

home depot $1.97 per bulb
Woot 1.125 per bulb

Ecosmart bulbs dim for crap even if you get the dimmable ones.

I just wish I could find bulbs that dim all the way without that obnoxious buzzing noise.

Of course, an even better deal is buying the bulbs at Dollar Tree. Save money on shipping, too.

The downside, if there is one, is that they usually limit you to just 3 or 4 per purchase, so you’d have to return 6 times to get your 24-pack.

woot :skull_and_crossbones: BFD … .99 cent store 40&60 watt LED light bulbs, cool or white… :bulb::+1:t3::+1:t3:

Can you use these outdoors? I.e. is there an issue at lower temps?

Sunbeam is the brand you get at the dollar store and Sunbeam is crap.

I’m going with no.

“Ideal for use in all indoor lighting applications”

If a 60w bulb is operated for an average of three hours per day, then over the course of a year it will use approximately (3 X 365 X 60) = 65.7 kilowatts of electricity. At an average cost of 11 cents per kilowatt-hour, the 60-watt incandescent bulb will cost approximately $7.23 per year to operate at 3 hours/day. Estimated life of the LED lights is 13.7 years. Cost of operation for a 60w bulb (not factoring replacement) at this time frame would be approximately $99. The LED is approximately $14.80. Congrats. You’ve saved $84.20 over approximately 14 years of estimated usage.

Lowes has Sylvania 2 pack of soft white for 1.98 all the time 99 cents per bulb and no shipping.