Ecothink Solar Post Light

Any info on how bright this is?

Per the vendor, the product is 4 Lumens.

This is advertised as 4 lumens yet a tiny night light for your bedroom is 20 lumens. How would this even be worthwhile outdoors?

A 7 watt night light bulb(Phillips) gives off 45 Lumens - how can this light be only 4 Lumens?

Alrighty, now they’re saying 42 lumens. They’re meant as more accent than security.

It is accent lighting. I bought three of them last year and I’m really happy with them.

One thing that I found odd is that they are held to the ground with tent stakes (unless you are mounting them to a deck surface with screws), so I fully expected to find them blown over and broken in my Oklahoma winds and storms, but it’s been over a year and I haven’t had any topples yet.

Can the bulb be changed to any bulb i want???

Nope sorry.

I bought 3 of these (1 for me and 2 as gifts). Received them 3/3/17. Missing hardware to connect poles for tallest height AND spikes for ground securing. Therefore, I have a 2’ tall lantern. Disappointed

Oh no! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.