EcoVacs Deebot Mini Robotic Vacuum

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EcoVacs Deebot Mini Robotic Vacuum
Price: $99.99
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How does this compare to the N78 I ordered a few weeks ago on Amazon for $135 (on sale) other than it being an ugly mint green and less round?

Edit: Ahh… this is recommended for bare floors only, so I guess if you have hardwood all over it’s a good option. You can choose different patterns for how it cleans also. You can’t do that with the N78. It’s more of a dumb, wandering robot.

This one and the N78 are both listed for $179 on Amazon right now. This seems like a great price.

I’m curious about the replacement brushes. I don’t see any that specify this model number. Are they the same as for other model numbers? That’s the only thing keeping me from going for this right now

I feel the same way - the price is right. I’ve been looking for a robomop/vacuum for my place (100% hardwood and tile, with 2 cats!), and don’t want to commit to something close to $200, since I don’t know how well any of these things will stand up to the amount of fur my kitties produce. This seems like a good way to dip my proverbial toe in, but I’m concerned I won’t be able to perform regular maintenance on the thing if I can’t get replacement parts.
I’m also having a real hard time finding out what generation this thing is, or even finding any reviews that don’t seem to be copypasta from one site to the next.

What if it sucks (or actually, what if it doesn’t)? More accurately, what if it doesn’t work in my home? Can I return it for a refund?

I found this link very helpful for a review and details on the EcoVacs not sure if it is this exact unit or not.

Different model, sadly.

Just something to think about. Those little brushes? Why so many? Got the NEATO bot vac here a few weeks ago. Seems they attach via little magnets. After mine has taken a cleaning tour, the bush is gone. So, till you find it, you can pop another brush on it. I just got 6 more brushes and keep putting them own. The kitten seems to “find” them from time to time and I catch him playing with it, so, I take it and count 1 as found and no longer MIA.

So, beware. If the brush “snags” the bottom of a table leg/floor or if your unit rides upon a door lip (like the ones that hold sliding doorwalls), like my Jeep of floor cleaners does, those little brushes will “disappear”. And unless you have a kitten/cat that finds them amusing, you will spend days looking for them.

We talked with the vendor:

So right now- you can’t order accessories on Amazon, but a new kit will be coming out to support this product later in the year so by the time the customer needs replacements, they will be able to order the kit that will include a new filter and side brushes on Amazon. What comes in the box should last the customer at least 6 months with normal use.

Our return policy is linked in my signature.

Does this mean it’s the newest model (the Mini 2)?

Its only sold by a 3rd party (the manufacturer) so the price on amazon is completely arbitrary, and likely set for the sole purpose of making the woot offering appear more appealing.

There are cheaper suction only dumb vacuums on amazon. Would anyone really want to drop $105 on this and pray that the company is supporting it in 6 months with replacement parts?

No, this is the Mini. The difference being that the Mini 2 (not this one) has app control.