Ed Hardy 1:12 Scale RC Car

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New Ed Hardy 1:12 Scale RC Car, for $39.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Ed Hardy Special Edition 1:12 Scale 7.2v RC Car by World Trading 23

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I would avoid these; they don’t last more than a month (of use once or twice per weekend within said month).

O-M-G, a remote-controlled douchemobile! Make sure and wear your sized-too-small Ed hardy t-shirt while you’re playing with this at the park.

Definitely can’t find any reviews on this one. But Ed Hardy shoes sure are popular with the kids (i think). SO, these most be cool.


Man, Lots of RC stuff . I wish this was something I needed.

Prayers are with You in your search for Deborah.

Here is the Manufacturer’s Page if anyone wants to check it out.

I’m just amazed at the fantastic assortment of products that you can get with Ed Hardy’s name on it. I’m gonna pass on these RC Cars because I’m waiting for the Ed Hardy Imitation Bacon Bacon Salt.

Anyone know how many inches 1:12 scale is?

I’m too lazy to look up how big the actual cars are…

So. If I buy 12 would it be equivalent to a whole?

How stupid. Look California is eating them up…they must be “limited editions”

1 bad step with the Ed Hardy Shoes and good bye Ed Hardy car.

wow putting ed hardy stickers on a rc car makes it an ed hardy endorsed product…how lame…

Ah geeze. Who bought this in NC? Am I gonna have to go door to door and punch each person?

You could expect the cars to be around 18-20 inches in length.

1:12 means that if the actual car is 127 feet long, the model is 127 inches long, or if the actual car is 3 feet long, the model is 3 inches long.


5doller RC car + SHMed Hardly sticker pack = 40bucks … its just good business. RIGHT?