Eddie Bauer 500TC 6Pc Sheet Set - 4 Colors - 2 Sizes

**Item: **Eddie Bauer 500TC 6Pc Sheet Set - 4 Colors - 2 Sizes
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New

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40% poly explains the price.

at least they listed the manufacturer this time.

Buy sheets online at your own peril. Eventually every solitary person online will have been burned buying a set and they’ll have to stop selling them. That’s before taking the 40% poly into account.

Reviews on this product are not easy to find!

Not currently on the Eddie Bauer site: http://www.eddiebauer.com/EB/Bedding/Sheets/index.cat?cm_mmc=Google--eddie+bauer--eddie+bauer+sheets-_-modified+broad&creative=36561136056&adpos=1t1&device=c&network=g&matchtype=b

But, Kohls had them and has one review - one star. The reviewer commented on poor quality: http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-c32845/eddie-bauer-solid-500-thread-count-sateen-sheet-set.jsp

a single one-star review on overstock


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a single one-star review on overstock

Thank YOU. Your link confirmed my fears, saved my money!

Yeah, I keep seeing these and other similar sets, and I am increasingly tempted to give them a try. Maybe the poly would keep the edges from rolling and creasing in the dryer, which drives me crazy on my midprice all-cotton sheets.

Has anyone given the cotton/poly blend sheets a chance? I’d love to hear an opinion based on experience. It doesn’t have to be these exact sheets.

Sheets on-line are always a gamble but for once, I applaud that the manufacture woke up and included FOUR pillowcases with the set.

That should be the standard of every sheet set from twin (w/2) to Elvis’s round bed (w/8).

Always, always sell sheets with 2 pillowcases per 36" of bed.

Make it a new rule!

Might buy the size that doesn’t really fit my bed (Cal-King) just to show I care.

(Haven’t had my coffee yet)

While I like all cotton sheets the ones I’ve purchased wrinkle like the dickens. I barely iron clothes, ironing sheets, NOT. Just a touch of poly does decrease the wrinkle factor and I notice less wear on the sheets themselves. Besides I grew up using percale and poly blends that I’ve found have been much softer than that.

The sheets I currently have on my bed are my favorite. I had no idea what they were but I checked them and they are a cotton/poly 60/40 blend. I think they feel and look great. They don’t wrinkle, feel cool to the touch, the fabric feels nice and thick and crisp. I personally don’t like the thin “sateen” and microfiber sheets myself. But everyone is different. BTW they aren’t these, I bought the ones I’m speaking of at walmart, they are better homes and gardens brand.

I’m a self admitted, bizarre sheet snob. I was spoiled with a set of organic bamboo cotton sheets once that eventually pilled and fell apart, and have been on a never ending quest to find a replacement set. Well, I finally have. Do yourself a favor and search for Thomas Lee Ltd. I’ll be the first the admit thy were more expensive then I ever dreamed of spending on sheets, but my dreams have done nothing but thank me ever since. I have a king set of their bamboo and their standard sheets. The bamboo is a dreamy, drape around every crevice of your body, while the standard is that crisp, cooling firm you expect from high end hotel.

And no, I am in no way affiliated with this company, just happy with online sheets for the first time in my life. I’ve had the bamboo for two years and the others for one, no sign of deterioration or pulling yet. Though word of advice, if you’re like my girlfriend and go crazy at the slightest sign of a wrinkle, avoid the bamboo. Otherwise…get the bamboo and welcome to heaven.

What size should I buy if I wanted them to reupholster my old Eddie Bauer edition Bronco?

I bought similiar sheets and they split in several places after several washings. Beware of any sheet that gives a thread count and has poly in it as these do. Thread count only indicated quality when it is 100% cotton.

Ugh, sateen. Woot, I hope you get a good deal on some “real” bedsheets sometime!!