Eddie Bauer Smart Heated Electric Throws: Many Styles

Eddie Bauer Smart Heated Electric Throws: Many Styles

Bought a bunch of these last year from Amazon for $35 and they are meh - the wifi control isn’t consistent and a couple of them stopped working after a few months. If you buy them from Woot the normal warranty will not cover them, but from Amazon it is several years.

Gray is currently $39.70 (if you have to have gray, I suggest paying the $4 more and get the much longer warranty)

Indigo is $26.55 on Amazon (worth the $27 :heart_eyes:)

Eddie Bauer | Smart Heated Electric Throw Blanket - Reversible Sherpa - Hands Free Control -Wi-Fi Only (2.4GHz) - Compatible with Alexa, Google, iOS, Android - Indigo https://a.co/hKHlWQR

FEELS like too many permissions and too much info requested. I have a handful of products I should get rid of (never should have bought) because I won’t load their (sketchier) apps.

I was going to get this for the wife. looks cute and she would love it come winter. However I read the reviews on Amazon, too many melted controller boxes, seems like an electrical fire hazard waitting to happen

So glad I came back to check the comments and saw yours!

I had been thinking about getting one of these for my dad to use at the family cabin. He loves hanging out on the sun porch because the view is worth never staying indoors, but he’s hit that age where he feels chilled when the temperature hits the upper 60s. The last words any of us want to hear while staying in an ancient log cabin are “fire hazard.” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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