EdenPURE Quartz Infrared Heater



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EdenPURE Quartz Infrared Heater
$99.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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It’s a good thing these aren’t the Amish kind, that Lebanon Levi is a bad man. He’ll ‘throw down’.

Amish Mafia!


You need substantial humidty in the air for best results


They need these in California?


This thing is great. While it won’t heat a “whole house” like some of the ads claim, it quietly and without odor, heats a large 15 x 16 unheated sunroom on the north side of our house. Sunroom on the north? Yeah, I know. But it has nine windows and this heater has heated it better than several other electric heaters, including an oil filled radiator shaped deal and a standard fan driven blower thing. I assume refurb = “new quartz element.”


Ummm that’s really not very good considering a standard wall outlet allows up to 1440 watts which equals about 4900 BTU. So your only getting half the heat that could theoretically be generated before your breaker go off.


It seems the 1500 watt Vornado for $40 was a better buy.


Just like it snows in Hawaii, it gets cold in California. :stuck_out_tongue:


This sounds remarkably close to the sales script they made us read when I was telemarketing these things. There were plenty of people who were repeat and multiple buyers though, so I can only assume they work as advertised.


Yes, but you have to consider that MANY homes have older wiring that can not handle anywhere near that. So they are (correctly IMHO) being cautious. Don’t want to be known as the company that burns down homes.

EG: My apartment had all 2 prong outlets when I moved in. I replaced them all with 3 prong ones and made sure they are all properly grounded BUT I’m well aware that I am still working with very old wiring and 15 amp breakers…


Can’t find exact model on their website (manual or product page), but general tips:

Sales pitch FAQ

Sales pitch on safety from them:


My aunt has one of these, and it does quietly and nicely heat her chilly kitchen without fuss. I do know she once had to “mail it back” for repairs before it was a year old, so I’m not convinced of their durability.

She says they are great, though, despite the hassle and the fact that the thing died on her after less than a year.

She also paid a LOT more than 99.99 for hers.


I could use a heater like this, but it seems it is prone to fan failure from everything I am reading.

Here is a thorough consumer review:


They really need these in California. In Southern California, many homes do not have heating systems installed when they are built. So when it gets chilly at night, you gotta have something.


I’d buy another of these in a minute. I have a bigger one though, it says it’s a 45KX. Running it instead of propane to heat about 400 square feet. Only maintenance is a washable air filter. The manual says clean it once a week, it’s more like twice a year. When clogged, it will blow cold air. Anyway, it’s nearly silent and it does a way better job than the blower type heaters. Yeah, I’m in CA but it gets down to the 30s here.


I wonder if these are from the COSTCO Recall…


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Uh…yes :). It can get quite chilly here at night; I live in Southern Cali and we have been having the fire (along with space heaters) going almost nightly now for the past several weeks. It’s still lovely weather during the day though :).


Save yerself some $$$ and read this excellent review of the Eden Pure:

[MOD: Note that the photo for the product linked to that page is different than the item we are selling. ]


These actually do work, and quite well. My mom got a refurbished one and it’s been working for 4 years. I was really skeptical of it at first and thought it was just woo and overpriced crap. It kept the whole downstairs of our small house nice and warm, and we only used the Edenpure for heat during winter. I have a lot of pets and it’s safe to use around them because it doesn’t get hot and it’s hard to knock over.