Edgecraft Chef'sChoice Electric Knife Sharpener

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Edgecraft Chef’sChoice Electric Knife Sharpener
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9/15/2018…$80.99…I BOUGHT ONE !

[MOD: You sure did but that was from open box. :)]

I have one of these and it works well.

No issues converting my older classic 20deg knives to 15deg.

One thing to remember is that thick bladed knives may not be able to sharpen… so no machete or Paul Hogan type blades…

So my axe won’t work in this thing? Dammit.

Your axe will work! Just hack this piece of crapola to pieces with it.

Cooks Illustrated ranked this the #1 knife sharpener (“Highly Recommended”) in their July/August 2015 issue (page 25, which I happen to have on my desk). I haven’t tried it myself yet.

They do say it’s $149.99, so I’m not sure where the $210 comes from. Maybe it got more expensive since 2015.

However, a properly sharpened knife also makes it a lot easier to accidentally chop your finger while you’re chopping you food.

I know woot texts are written in humor, but this is exactly backwards — it’s dull knives which slip and hurt their owners. Couldn’t we have more edgy humor? :ducks:

My older brother was a cutco salesman. Nearly every person he sold knives to ended up cutting themselves.

Then, he was misusing his knife by hacking at helium balloons when he accidentally sliced his thumb.

Sharp knives go deeper.

And here’s a link to the Youtube video:

A sharp knife will do more damage once it actually makes contact with your body, but dull knives are way more likely to accidentally hurt you.

Think about chopping an apple, for example: with a sharp knife, the blade bites in easily with less pressure, so there’s very little risk. A dull knife needs a lot more pressure and is more likely to slip before it bites into the fruit.

I have one purchased oh… I want to say just a few months back. Yes it is a decent quality machine. bummer, that the price now is less than when I purchased (by $ 10) but I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles sometime. Woot ! can I get a $ 10 credit >:)

Dull knives cut rougher, leaving a jagged wound. I love Cutco knives, but people cut themselves because they are not used to a really uber efficient knife. It’s a learned skill (just ask a professional chef), plus it’s not exactly kosher to complain about a knife blade when doing something like hacking at balloons!

As for this knife sharpener, I purchased on back in 2016 and it is a very good tool provided you take the time to get to know how to use it and understand its limitations. Here is a quote from the review I wrote back then:


  • Well-built and powerful. I’ve successfully sharpened everything from delicate filet knives to heavy chef knives.
  • Simple to use (but does require some practice and most importantly, some patience).
  • Consistent, repeatable edge on all knives.
  • Able to handle almost everything from an old dull utility knife that has never been sharpened up through some minor touch-up to an excellent blade.
  • Minimal mess and clean-up (it has a removable internal magnet to collect the steel dust).
  • It can correct a degree of damage to a blade (fine nicks and some chips to an edge, but nothing that goes deeper into the body of the blade).


  • There is an unspoken truth for all sharpeners and sharpening methods - for whatever reason (and there could be quite a few), there are some knives that you just won’t be able to sharpen as nicely as you would like or expect. It could be the grade of steel, your tools or technique, or simply the time you are willing to spend, but not every blade can be honed to a razor’s edge.
  • Did I mention you will need patience? Plus certain quality/grades and thickness of steel will require even more (sometimes a LOT more…).
  • Depending on the quality of the knife, the 15 degree edge may be more fragile than a standard 20-22 degree edge.
  • It’s not for all blades - I wouldn’t recommend it for very small pocket knives or larger meat cleavers. If you’re looking to sharpen your machete then I suggest you look in the Hardware section under “bench grinders”.
  • (Minor issue) Removing the steel dust from the internal magnet can be tricky, but certainly NOT a deal-breaker.

= Stating it will take “twenty pulls” or “five pulls” on each level to sharpen a blade is completely misleading - because each blade is different it will take however many pulls it takes.
= The instructions will provide much more help than any review will in using this sharpener successfully.
= There are two distinct dangers with this sharpener - you will have to be much more careful when using your freshly sharpened blades or risk cutting yourself; and once everyone else finds out how nice your knives are they will want you to sharpen theirs!"

Hope this helps!

Not complaining, just making an observation :wink:

“[When used properly,] sharp knives are safer than dull knives”

Valid points. OTH, I don’t think we need to sell the virtues of a sharp knife to a person who is purchasing a knife sharpener. Knifologists value a sharp blade.

I bought this from a previous Woot, for $10 more. Works well. RTFM.

I bought one of these off of amazon for a lot more. It works pretty well. It puts a pretty sharp edge on the knife. It’s not quite as good as sharpening by hand, but it’s a lot less of a hassle.

Glad to see that the “a real chef wouldn’t be caught dead using this garbage” didn’t dominate the sale today. 1 tried…
I’ll say if that chef was caught dead, it’s because said chef didn’t respect the edge this bad boy will put on a knife, when used properly.
However I do have a filet knife that just won’t sharpen. It’s like the sharpener won’t even scratch the edge of the blade. Weird…

I bought this earlier this year. Need to really follow instructions. Now every knife is razor sharp, even the cheap utility knife that I could never get sharp is now back in the rotation. Strongly recommend this sharpener.

Does this sharpen serrated edge knives?