Edged Tools

kershaw recon 1 is cheaper on amazon.

Can you link? When I checked both Recons are higher priced on Amazon by a bit.

Can someone tell me the difference between this:



Besides $30

the nostalgia comes with the books and the sharpening stone.

I cannot believe that there were no Slingblade comments made???!!! I’m shocked! Woot, your sleeping :slight_smile:

The “nostalgia” version includes the tool with the accessories as issued to US Troops in WW II - O.D. canvas sheath,round sharpening stone and manuals.

I’m pretty sure there are some legality issues with butterfly/balisong blades in various states… anyone know if that is true?

The Cold Steel Paradox knives have integrated leaf spring locks in the handles that lock incrementally as you open the knife with two hands. This removes them from the classification of gravity or butterfly knives/balisongs despite their outward appearance. (http://www.coldsteel.com/Product/24P/PARADOX.aspx)

That’s where they got the name, the knife looks like a balisong but requires two hands to open so it’s legal to own in places where true balisongs are restricted.

I’ll give the Kershaw machetes a go. VERY good reviews on Amazon, and prices are pretty good. It’s reportedly chinese steel, but still well-made, very sharp and sturdy blade, and very comfortable grip.

Camp 18 comes with its own molded sheath with study nylon straps.

I love to study with nylon straps. Typos are great, sometimes.

Can someone verify the blade steel of the Cold Steel 21TTXLS Talwar? The specs suggest Carpenter CTS XHP Alloy, but it was my understanding that this was the steel used in the newer 2015 models. I ask because it would make more sense that the models Woot is selling (especially for the price) would have the previous, probably AUS8A, steel much like the other Cold Steel models here for sale.

My Kershaw camp knives came in. Pretty impressed. Heavy, tough, well-made. I like the ergonomics of the grip/handle.

Field-tested them during an excursion mushoom hunting for morels. Cuts well though brush. Fallen branches and briars parted way with ease and felt good to swing.

The Cold Steel sku # for the Talwar in the CTS (super steel) blade is 21TCTXLS. The one Woot lists here is 21TTXLST. The 21TTXLST blade is AUS8. While I think AUS8 is a great steel, it is NOT the Carpenter CTS® XHP Alloy steel, and I believe Woot has made an error in the description. The retail price for the Talwar with the CTS steel is $221.