Edgewater Bali Collection Jewelry

I don’t like gold. Too bad these all have some - however they are still beautiful. I have received several Edgewater pieces from Woot, please keep them coming! Love their stuff!

Shiny for Wifey.

Are we sure these descriptions are correct? One says it’s an 18k gold green amthyst ring for 60 bucks, the other “18 K solid gold and silver” ring for like 50 bucks. There are others listed like that too – they don’t say “accent” or “plate.”

Beautiful stuff!

These are clearly John Hardy knock offs. Are they, like John Hardy, really made in Bali?


Any chance of including some kind of scale reference in the pictures (ie a quarter, etc)?

do you have a specific item/design in mind?

we’ve revised the two titles that have the solid gold instead of “Accent” or “Bezel” in the title.
but our buyer emphasized that none of the descriptions are incorrect, and you can view the full title with all the details on the offer page (see the long title & specs). it’s a bit inconsistent, but not incorrect, in other words.

the thing is, the short titles have character limits, so items with lengthy names or lots of adjectives (like jewelry/stones with multiple descriptors) can be tricky.

however! the buyer passes along his thanks for the query about this, and said they’ll be more mindful when it comes to these things.

hope that helps!

big thanks to ThunderThighs! She wrangled up some samples and snapped a quick shot. Hopefully this answers some scale/size questions for folks!

look at those “Man-hands”!!! =)

Be nice! And not my hands. Mine are more manhands and no polish.

That amateur snapshot is a step in the right direction, but how about telling your vendors that we want/ need photos?

Woot has given us lady boobs and lady butts in lingerie, PJ’s, etc. - now show us lady fingers, lady ears (and lady necks) in the jewelry on offer. Betcha you sell more if you do!

The photo is helpful, but you still don’t say where the jewelry is made: Bali or China?

sooooo many choices- I did find this though


Great looking, beautiful, great price

All these items are manufactured in Indonesia.
Bali, which is in Indonesia refers to this type of jewelry which is commonly made in Indonesia.
Hope this helps and happy w00ting!!

Thanks! This is extremely useful!

Where are the pieces that are in the photo?
I’m interested in the square earring with the blue stone.

Looks like second row on right?!

Hah, well, I’m seeing some frankensteined Konstantino/Yurman knock-offs here, myself.