Egard Watches

want to buy a good watch without the fancy name so you won’t pay a high price for it , Bulova Accu•Swiss ,you pay for quality not a fancy name ,oh it sounds good with a high price it must be good , BS i say lol .stick to names you know and buy quality . I know you will come back with a beat around the bush answer ,go for it .

The Specs say the watch is Water Resistant to 100m, but the back of the watch says 5ATM, which is only 50m. Woot should update the specs to match.

Which one are you seeing that on?

All of the Fortitudes and the Quantus as well.

I couldn’t afford an Egard, so I picked up an ermahgerd instead.

Sorry for the delay- all of these should be fixed now!

I love the internet

I know this is old but not all of them were 5atm. The renegades are 10atm 100 meters.

I just purchased an Egard watch. The movement is swiss but the watch is made elsewhere. The company just started in 2012 so very new. Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean its not a good watch. I like the watch I just received. I think it is nicely done.