Holy Multiple Options Woot-man!

But really - will this be a new thing? Having multiple purchase options on every daily print?

Hop over to the new week-long pop-up shop!

And I laughed…

We’re giving this a try for Dec. We’ll see if it’s something we continue in the new year. What do you think conceptually?

Hmm. This is… different. The shirt/apron/hoodie option, that is.

You’re weird. You don’t like eggnog? What’s not to like? Creamy, rich, sweet - I suppose if you think of it as a vehicle for liquor, and you don’t like rum, it might be problematic. But I drink it plain…and have to be very careful how much I allow in my house (and only allow it in the holiday season), or I’ll gain a thousand pounds just on eggnog.

Fruit cake!

I love Jim Gaffigan

The “o.m.g. THAT design’s on a hoodie, I must buy” excitement will be lost, it’s convenient for those who want options or must have a particular design on a hoodie/apron, but pushes shirt.woot even further out of having fun, seeing something I like, impulse buy range for me.

I wouldn’t have minded long sleeves added to the trial though.

Conceptually? Very strong, great idea, especially before the holidays. Having the choice exist only for a given day’s design will reduce the possibility of a “paradox of choice” effect that would reduce sales; if it existed for all shirts in the Reckoning, it would likely pull down overall sales, but from the viewpoint of both consumer psychology and a shirt.wooter, this is a well-executed plan. If there were a way to publicize it more obviously from the shirt.woot homepage, I think that would help sales. I didn’t realize that it was available in multiple forms until I saw the question in World of Shirt.Woot. Yes, I (now) know the write-up mentions it, but I never read the write-ups.

Will the first-day sales figures include sales of t-shirts, hoodies, and aprons, or just t-shirts as usual?

Congratulations on the print, fishbiscuit! And you perfectly captured my sentiment about eggnog - bletch!

Dang fishbuiscuit5, you gunning for Ramy’s throne at the top of printdom?

Eggnog is delicious, go away, shirt.

Make sure you leave your feedback in the blog discussion thread. That’s where we’ll be looking for it.

Shirt.woot has a blog?

Hate to be the one to say it, but how about an AA option for a few dollars more maybe?

Other than that I like it. If it sticks around long term I’d probably want to see short and long sleeve as everyday options, with the Hoodies/Aprons being limited. This being the holiday season though, the Hoodies and Aprons are great :slight_smile:

I’m one of those really bizarre people who’s never really liked eggnog or fruitcake. I do like that “E”. It’s fun how it has a round center prong thingy. It makes me think of a muppet nose.

What? I already told you I am really bizarre.

See da link at the top of the page? :tongue: We has da blog.

I love the option to get something other than a t-shirt. I really hope it will continue past December.

I would be amazed if anyone still reads the write-ups. If you’re looking for a witty, (hahaha, aren’t we clever?), bit of useless information, well there you go. If you’d like some actual information about the item you’re considering purchasing, skip straight to the discussion.

Here, here! … what’s with all the ‘nog hate I’m surrounded by? and for the record, I make a darn good eggnog, wether its because instead of rum exctract and vanilla extract I soak vanilla beans in vodka for a year and use that, or because its just frakin’ awesome, others can decide