EH504 Full HD 1080p Professional Projector

EH504 Full HD 1080p Professional Projector

This Woot-off is done for. Should we start the after party now?

Looks like it. I’ll bring the chips

Wow projectors just bringing the woot-off to a halt today huh.

Seriously? Again??

Do we know the reason the woot off stalls like this?

To be fair, it’s a different stupid projector.


We’re thinking someone was playing the Harry Potter box set from the last woot-off on these projectors, therefore they’re cursed.

I did realize that, but really thought you might just be playing with us, TT!

I think you’re on to something.

So any idea, TT, when this will be resolved. I keep missing the BOCs :frowning:

Don’t we all?

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When what will be resolved?

a new item being posted, I assume?

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EH504 Broke the wootoff

I assumed it was a glitch???

No, I think he means where Jeffosaurus’ after-party is going to be :grinning:

Says its sold out, and its still up.

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Maybe the next item is a keyboard and they’re trying to get us to wear out our F5 buttons so we buy it.


Pretty sneaky, sis.