Ehang Ghost Drone 1.0 - iOS & Android

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Ehang Ghost Drone 1.0 - iOS & Android
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Oct 04 to Friday, Oct 07) + transit
Condition: New


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There’s no way this isn’t a waste of money. Most of the Amazon reviews are probably fake (

You’re better off either investing the money in a drone that functions as a proper tool or saving your money and getting a toy that will cost less.

Mother ship has the 2.0 version, looks like includes a 4K camera for $100 more. Reviews look good to me?? Seems like a bargain drone for the features.

The control via your phone is awful. 1000 meters, Lucky if you get 200 feet. IPhone 6+, constant disconnect and weak signal. There are better and get a dedicated remote

Keep in mind, there is no direct streaming (video or photo) from this drone to your controller or phone during flight. Also reviewed the mother ship webpage for this drone and top review states: “For those who find the positive reviews suspect, that’s because they are. I worked at EHANG and we were asked (pressured) to write a positive review to offset all of the negative reviews”. Official rating from a guy who has worked drones/UAV’s for the last 12+ years: Meh, save your money. Holiday deals coming.

I own one and love it…I have had great luck with mine…I also own a go pro so did not need the camera…

As much as I love cheap drones this isn’t a compelling buy. The Phantom 3 Standard is $461 on Amazon right now and comes with a camera and dedicated controller. Flying with a Smart phone is a very poor substitute.

Honestly you’re better off buying a used Phantom 3 for a couple hundred more that will blow this away in terms of capabilities.

Just FYI this is over the 500g limit and subject to a FAA registration.
It is against federal law to fly this with out a registration.
Even on your own property.
Didnt see anything in the description just wanted to give a heads up.

I really appreciate the comments - makes me feel better about buying a different drone a few days ago.

Pretty much every drone besides the indoor toy drones is over 500g and needs registering. Even the new DJi Mavic which is advertised as almost fitting in your pocket is 734g. There are lots of reasons to not buy this, weight is not one of them.

the DJI mavic is on its way (yes, and the gopro karma too), which i think will start to facilitate a drop in price for the p3 and p4. for my money, i’d throw $200 more at this and grab a P3 standard right now for $500 (hopefully cheaper soon). I have a p3s and i love the thing.

edit: i missed the comment showing the price of the p3s is 461. great buy!

Hey guys, get a Mavic Pro!