EHANG Ghostdrone 2.0 VR iOS & Android Models

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EHANG Ghostdrone 2.0 VR iOS & Android Models
Price: $269.99
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Condition: New


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West auctions was auctioning returns. Might be a good price, might be none of them worked as they were frames and accessories only.

I have been interested in drones for some time but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. There seems to be a lot of air space regulations that prohibit this thing from flying almost anywhere. I heard you need to register your drone with FAA even you just fly it in your own yard. All the national parks have banned drones. Can anybody share his/her experience with this drone (or dones in ggeneral? Thanks.

I bought this almost a year ago to the day. In a nutshell, for the money the video is surprisingly good and as my first drone this really hooked me. Flight time was good as was distance. The included crash insurance was a major selling point for me, although I never used it.

That said the goggles are clumsy at best and just difficult to have to navigate the flight controls on your phone. I figured out a way to get decent shots using way points, but I was so fired up about the possibilities that taking video/pics with a drone provided that I took the leap and bought a Mavic Pro 3 months later and I’m glad I did.

No need to register anymore (someone sued and won), although it is vital that everyone fly based on the rules/regulations so as to not give them more reasons to add more prohibitive rules/regulations. Good luck!

Thanks, gdarland.

I have a few toy drones and a Phantom 3 Pro. When it comes to stability, distance, and video quality, you can’t beat a DJI drone.
However for the money, this looks like a nice drone if it does what it says. Technically however you CANNOT fly with the goggles on unless you have a spotter right next to you since the rules say that the drone must always be in direct visual contact of the operator.
As to registering, YES you MUST register with the FAA if you are flying any drone above 0.55 pounds. The rule was suspended a while back but was re-instated last December. As long as you are flying recreationally (not commercially, making a profit) then you only need to register once and it covers all your drones. The cost is only $5 and it takes about 2 minutes. Very simple. Then you must display your FAA issued ID number on the drone itself.
Oh lastly, I don’t like drones that depend on your phone for controlling the drone. A dedicated remote is the way to go. Too many issues with phones.

Appreciate the update.

main rules:
don’t fly within 5 miles of airport, or places with constant helicopter traffic (touristy spots in NYC, Las Vegas etc)
don’t fly near crowds.
no national parks.
otherwise check your local city/county rules. they are all over the place.

After which Congress enacted new legislation to restore the vacated FAA rules. Hobby drone registration is now required by an Act of Congress.

See H.R.2810 section 1092 (d):[list]


I purchased this model from Woot for somewhere north of $300 about 9 months ago. My experience has been mostly positive. I didn’t want to learn some new xbox like controller so cellphone control was a huge plus for me. After about 10 flights the VR goggles(which are the wifi hotspot so you can’t use the drone without them) quit charging so I filed a warranty claim. It took almost a month to get a response from Ehang but they did send a new pair of goggles. The drone can take some pretty stunning video but controlling what you record can be difficult. I would view this more as a kick ass toy with video recording functions than anything else. Has some great features and you can be flying it comfortably within 15 minutes of unboxing. I would buy again for the fun value.