EHANG Ghostdrone 2.0 VR iOS & Android Models

WARNING. Batteries in this drone are defective. I went through 3 Ghostdrone 2.0 the black and orange ones. That’s right I had to keep taking it back and ordered another one 3 different times. The batteries are swollen up and 1 of the drones I couldn’t even pull the battery out but all 3 batteries were swollen and still wouldn’t charge. Now they drop the price half of what I bought it on sale for. Now the drone videos I seen seem to make this drone to be a great one. It’s just the battery issue, if you could get in touch with Ehang (which i could not) and have them send an inspected good battery it would be well worth it.

Hi there. I don’t see that you have a purchase from Woot.

If there are any problems that Ehang isn’t able to assist with, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.