Eight Fists Of Death


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Help promote this shirt! For those with overnight delivery, let the rest of the universe.woot know how wonderful this shirt printed! Click here and post a picture!

cute shirt Eric!!! Grats on the print!

Hey! Linty Fresh guy! =D We just got a $3 shirt from you, my fiance loves it; like that one, this shirt is great. It’s red and action packed. Nice job!

is the jakey’s only goal to get first woot every day?


This looks like something my brother would wear. If he’d come down from Austin more I might buy it for him. :stuck_out_tongue: Hear that punk? (if you’re up)

What else is there to do in NH?

very loud! passin But if you put" keith the hoodie" I’d change my mind.

waaaay too busy

The shirt is a bit too busy for my tastes, but there’s some very nice stuff at his site. Now if only his prices were as nice as Woot’s…

Crazy… a little too crazy for my tastes… still waiting to be able to purchase my first woot shirt… the ones I like are always sold out. :frowning:

you gotta step up your wooting game brotha

Check the ongoing sales, that’s where I got mine. :slight_smile:

This shirt is obnoxious.

And also pretty cool.

pretty much

See? Just like my brother…maybe I will get him one.

Wonder if I should be getting this?

Hahahaha! Greatness. You need this shirt.

just because of that name… yes