Eight Piece Art Sets THAT ARE AWESOME

They’re awesome alright. Awesomely hard to get them all lined-up level.

Edit: For me, anyway.

So scatter them around and call it art. :tongue:

I suppose you could make a template by arranging them all on a table upside down. (so you can see where the mounting hardware is) Get them nice and straight then place a big piece of wax paper over it or something so you can mark each nail hole. Tape the paper to the wall, hammer the nails, remove the paper, and hang your art!

Better yet, buy multiples designs and mix them!

These just hang on a nail I’m guessing?

Yes although you’ll want 2 nails to keep them level.

Smart thinkin. Thank you!

I have a group of three that always tip, let alone 8. This would give me OCD

If you think like that, you are OCD already

I think a good laser level on a tripod will be very helpful in this case. Otherwise it would seem very difficult to get these lined up accurately.

Is it an 8 piece art set? NOPE It’s one painting chopped into 8 pieces? Can you say jig-saw puzzle?

A couple of these are designs by a shirt.woot artist… Budi Sutria Kwan, aka Radiomode.

Does anyone know if these ship rolled up? Or shipping-box size?

Does anyone know if these ship rolled up? Or shipping-box size?

They come attached to the wooden frame so they are shipped in a box.

about the monkey picture.Its bothering me that the dot one shows more of head, mean while the original print seems to missing the top part of his dome. Is this how the actual piece comes? or is an optical illusion? = )

Does anyone know when these are shipping?

As mentioned in the sale, these are made to order and ship in 7-10 business days. They should be shipping out soon, then allow transit time.

From the piss poor customer service I’ve gotten on this order and the complete lack of information on the CSRs side, I’m guessing they have no clue when these will ship out.