Eiki DLP Home Theater Projector

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Eiki DLP Home Theater Projector
$499.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Eiki EIP-1000T DLP Home Theater Projector

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I love you Woot. =) I needed this one! I wish we would have had a better two for Tuesday though…

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Unknown never heard of this brand. Must stick with infocus.

Can I connect this to my Mac?

I’m pretty sure Costco sells cheaper projectors.

no dee vee eyeeee

Wow, if only i didn’t work for an electronics store and thought this was awesome

Meh. I’m holding out for a projector that actually projects at 1080p… Looks like I’ll probaby be waiting quite a while, too.

Lots of green backs - anyone have any experience?

Lowest listing for this item was 632 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers from a quick Froogle search.

Good brand? I’ve been wanting something for regular TV viewing in my apartment.

I bought my acer 720p dlp off tiger for 599… 480p… are you serious…

massive screen effect warning!

and a brank I never heard of .

You can get an infocus in72, epson home 20 or epson 30s for that!

Yeah, Costco has a better one, more reputable brand and more lumens…
Costco.com link

400.00 bulb 2000 hour life http://www.projectorusa.com/cart/products.aspx?pid=5154

how do these look on a wall that is textured?

I don’t know about this one. It seems to be on the low end of projectors. Never heard of Eiki either, maybe it is just ickey?

not very happening plus expensive too! I bought mine 3 months back which was an Optoma DV 10 for $499 with a 92" screen and woofers thrown in. Not a great woot deal

Lamp Life 2000 hours!!! is that it?
i’ll spend $500 on a PS3 bundle
thanks anyway woot

Eeeeeeik! Overprice no name junk brand. And they’ll probably drop the price to $300 again in two weeks and sell it and laugh at all you who paid this price for it.