Eisch Dripless Captains Decanter

Eisch #2636 Dripless Captains Decanter, 66oz
Sold by: Wine Country Accessories
$49.99 $68.00 26% off List Price

Does the captain know you’re selling his decanter?

Also, when you wake up later, don’t forget to edit those vendor details. Founded in 2029, in Location, State, by Owner Name?

Finally, a decanter for a mag.

Yes, I saw that also…
Founded in 2029 with assistance of Time Truck?

We’re learning about red wines late in life. Lately, and using a nice decanter, reds are really tasting very good! We pour it into the decanter an hr or two before drinking it and the difference is amazing.
We also took a short class about wines that helped us select wines to try.

Yep, it’s a big’un.

Edit: I guess you’ve been waiting on one, eh?

thanks.Fixed this. we are not doing time travel yet :slight_smile:

I keep waiting for someone to complain about how much this costs per ounce.