El Bago de Crapo

I got the everlasting one. I don’t remember the rules. Can I get this one too or not? Either I got two, or some annoyed Wootployee is gonna whip and chastise me…

Woohoo I got one.

Wow, I actually got one.

First one in years…


Already got my BoC from the Crapword Puzzle, surprised to see this still in stock after 2 minutes!

Weird…got one also.

So I assume if we got one earlier we can’t have this one… It’s like they are throwing bags at me… so much temptation sooo little control

first one for me ever

Nice to know the servers seem to suck as much as ever.

Holy crap, loaded at random and got one. Wooooooot!

Holy crap. Actually got one. Just randomly happened to check the site at just the right time. Saw it and thought it was too good to be true; no way it would stay up long enough for me to actually get it.
First one ever. And I’ve been on this site since 2006 (the days of dialup).

cries The closest I ever got… and I get the server error after clicking “place order”. Ah well.

Wow, just happened to check on Woot just when the BOC popped up…and I got one! And I wasn’t even signed in.

in for 1 hee haw!

My Faith in Woot! has been restored!

My August Ballerina of Constantinople has pirouetted to me again.

It said I had something in my cart and couldn’t buy it or the bag of crap. sob


Woot, if you see my comment, I’m clearing space in the garage as I type

too late.

My credit card on file was expired and had to enter the new date. Lost my bag o crap!

Had one in my cart, but it wouldn’t take me to the checkout page. Crappy servers, I guess.

Maybe next time.